Obama Sending Hundreds of Troops to Fight the Taliban – Not Our Friends After All? (Video)

So I guess this means that our troops will be going back to Afghanistan to fight all of the terrorists that Obama traded for Bergdahl and has released from Gitmo?

In May 2012 Barack Obama admitted the US was negotiating with the Taliban killers.
The feckless and naive president thought this would bring peace to Afghanistan.


Obama then withdrew 23,000 American troops in 2012, another 34,000 in 2013, and another 10,000 in 2014 for political reasons.

But that decision proved as foolish as his decision to withdraw all US troops from Iraq in 2011.

In September 2015 the Taliban took back its first provincial capital in Afghanistan since 2001. Since then the Taliban has been involved in numerous attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So now Obama is sending US troops back to Afghanistan.
Obama finally figured out they’re not our friends.

What a horrible leader.
The Guardian reported:

Hundreds of additional US troops are slated to deploy to a volatile province in Afghanistan to bolster the local military against a resurgent Taliban, the Guardian has learned.

By month’s end, a force described as battalion-strength, consisting of mostly army soldiers, will arrive in Helmand province where US and UK forces have struggled in battles for over a decade to drive out the Taliban.

In keeping with Barack Obama’s formal declaration that the US is not engaged in combat, despite elite forces recently participating in an hours-long battle in Helmand, defense officials said the additional troops would not take part in combat. But they will help the existing Helmand force defend itself against Taliban attacks, officials said.


As reported by The Gateway Pundit