Eminent Domain – Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Oh the Hypocrisy!



Written by LiberatedCitizen     February 17, 2016

Eminent Domain do you want to enrich politicians and the fat cats who bankroll them – OR?

Both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have been attacking Donald Trump on the issue of eminent domain. The claim being leveled is that Donald Trump is in favor of misusing eminent domain for private gain. During the debate on February 6th, Jeb Bush said that Donald Trump used eminent domain in an attempt to take the property of an elderly woman for a limousine parking lot.  Mr.Trump countered that it was the New Jersey Development Agency and he did not get the property.  He also said had he been able to acquire the property it would have created jobs.

Jeb Bush did not mention that his brother, former President G.W. Bush, used eminent domain for a baseball stadium in Texas. Nor did Jeb Bush mention that he, as Governor of Florida, used eminent domain to take the home of a disabled Navy Seal for an environmental project. The veteran in 

jessequestion spoke out following the debate saying Governor Bush and DEP Robbed Me!

At the GOP debate on February 13th, Jeb Bush once again said eminent domain should not be used “to take an elderly woman’s home to build a parking lot so that high rollers can come from NYC to build casinos in Atlantic City.” Apparently the baseball stadium that his brother profited handsomely off of was an exception although in hindsight, Jeb now claims he doesn’t approve of eminent domain being used in that way.

Ted Cruz has also been attacking Trump in a similar manner. In Ted Cruz’s first attack ad he claims Donald Trump used eminent domain “to bulldoze the home of an elderly woman”. This could only be characterized as an outright lie since her home stood for many years and finally sold in 2014. After being called out on the factual inaccuracy, the Cruz campaign admitted the home had not been bulldozed as portrayed.

However, that did not stop Senator Cruz from putting out another ad on February 11th.  The new ad uses children to attack Donald Trump. It should be noted that Ted Cruz recently said children should not be used in politics. The new ad also deceptively portrays a dollhouse that is supposed to represent Vera Cokings home being demolished as a result of Donald Trump using eminent domain for a limousine parking lot. In an article titled “Ted Cruz’s misleading attack that Donald Trump ‘convinced’ the government to ‘bulldoze’ a widow’s home”, the Washington Post Fact Checker gave Ted Cruz two pinocchios.

During both debates Jeb Bush said he considered the pipeline a public use project. Donald Trump has pointed out TransCanada is a private Canadian company and that since all candidates support the Keystone Pipeline, they too are for the use of eminent domain. Ted Cruz has said the pipeline is an acceptable use of eminent domain to the dismay of some Texas residents

“To Julia Trigg Crawford, the attack sounded odd coming from Cruz, who didn’t speak out when TransCanada, a Canadian pipeline company, invoked eminent domain to build part of the Keystone XL pipeline through her 600-acre farm on the Texas side of the Red River. Instead, Cruz supported the COIL2scompany’s effort.

“It certainly seems incongruous to me,” the northeast Texan said. “He is allowing a foreign corporation for a for-profit pipeline to take land from more American citizens against their will.”

It was also pointed out in the same article and others that Trump has said he could negotiate a deal with TransCanada so that the U.S. could share in the private Canadian company’s profits. The article also notes Ted Cruz’s ad says eminent domain is a “fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them — like Trump”. Think about that as you watch this short video that gives details about the fat cat’s bankrolling Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump has said that eminent domain is wonderful. Eminent domain is expressly written into the 5th Amendment of the U.S. constitution. Without the ability of government to use this tool we would not have the schools, hospitals, roads and basic infrastructure we all use daily. It is necessary in a modern society. Donald Trump is correct Keystone could not be built without it. TransCanada recently filed another eminent domain suit against landowners in Nebraska.

Not one of the politicians running for President has any plans to do away with the use of eminent domain. Since it is legal and constitutional and no one plans to change that it would appear this is nothing more than a political smear attempt by Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz.  Politicians like Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have a lot of money invested in oil and pipeline servicing stocks.  They have received enormous sums of money from super pacs, in addition to donations from the oil industry.

In the end, this all boils down to Donald Trump thinks the pipeline should be built and Americans should share in the spoils. The other’s think the pipeline should be built and only they,  and their fat cat donors should share in the profits.

  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

    Well Miss Annie I know my writing leaves something to be desired, but I hope people get the point which is Ted and Jeb have no problem with eminent domain being used if it enriches them and their donors. Trump is for the pipeline enriching us all.

    • missannie

      Your writing is great! I hope they get the point too! The hypocrisy of Cruz, at least, seems to be going over peoples heads. I know that if the article is read it will clear up some of the fog!

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