Trump Spokesperson Dishes the Dirt on Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager Jeff Roe

Written by Liberated Citizen      February 19, 2016


This news is just starting to enter the national arena, but Jeff Roe Campaign Manager for GOP candidate Ted Cruz, is well known in Missouri for his dirty campaign tactics. Who is Jeff Roe? “He’s been called “scum of the earth”,“piece of shit”, a “creep”, “no ethics”, “soul-less” … among a plethora of other pejoratives.” Jeff Roe was also instrumental in developing a Evangelical image for Senator Cruz. Katrina Pierson, a campaign spokesperson for Donald Trump, was a guest on Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday, Feb. 17th discussing a possible suit against Cruz for ads the Trump campaign feels are dishonest. During the course of the interview she explained that Roe has previously used nasty tactics that have been described as a contributing cause of (R)Tom Schweich’s suicide.

CLAYTON • Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth, one of the elders of Missouri’s GOP, declared Tuesday that “politics has gone so hideously wrong” and blamed nasty campaign tactics for Missouri gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich’s suicide last week.”

“In emotional speech, Sen. Mike Parson says negative campaign pressure, consultants ‘destroyed’ Tom Schweich”

GOP stalwarts in Missouri widely denounced Jeff Roe calling for soul searching. Former U.S. Sen. Jack Danforth urged Republicans to walk away from Roe. “In an email to the Star, Danforth said of Roe, “We should disassociate ourselves from anyone who conducts this sort of campaign.”  He also called “the ad’s producers bullies, and said he had not changed his mind.“I meant everybody behind that ad,” he said, including Roe.”

Schweich suffered from Crohn’s disease and in one of Roe’s ads he compared him to Barney Fife a bumbling character from the 1960’s sitcom the Andy Griffith show Mayberry. They further attacked his physical appearance by saying he was weak just look at him and saying they would crush him like the little bug he is. Jeff Roe has admitted to paying for the hurtful ad. Another method used to attack was a whisper campaign that was seen by some to be anti-semitic. Schweich wasn’t Jewish, but this was a form of attack that was thought to be effective to dissuade some segments from voting for him. The Cruz camp has had some other issues with charges of anti-semitism thrown their way. One instance was following Ted Cruz’s New York Values remarks, the other more recently over a controversial minister who endorsed Senator Cruz.  

Now that you know a little of the history of Jeff Roe and the types of attacks employed by Ted Cruz’s campaign manager, you should also know that Ted Cruz was well aware of how Jeff Roe operated when he hired him.

“He knew from experience, having himself felt the bad boy’s sting. In 2012, during his high-stakes battle with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for the GOP nomination in Texas’ U.S. Senate race, his likeness was plastered over a Chinese flag in an eye-popping pamphlet attacking Cruz’s past legal representation of a company with ties to the Chinese government.”Mr. Cruz betrayed our country,” the pamphlet read.The man behind the attack was Jeff Roe. An outraged Cruz called it “gutter politics.”

The same tactics that were used on Ben Carson in Iowa have been used at least twice before by campaigns that Jeff Roe managed. A HOAX e-mail sent to news media outlets, and a “tweet” issued by a fake Twitter account, announced that Eckersley had suspended his campaign due to personal reasons. Eckersley blames his opponent, Republican Billy Long, for sending out the hoax days before the election.“You know this is dirty politics. This is Jeff Roe-style management.”

Today another shady campaign tactic was just discovered and is making the rounds involving a photoshopped image of presidential candidate Marco Rubio. After initially denying the accusations the Cruz campaign has been “walking back” their claim that the photo was authentic.

This man, Jeff Roe has a history of running dirty campaigns, you can read more about some of the other despicable things he has done here. When reading that article note all the insider money he has been paid. Greta Van Susteren cut Katrina Pierson off on the subject, but now that you have an insight into this man’s character what do you think about Ted Cruz hiring him in the first place?  There’s a reason they say a man is known by the company he keeps.