South Carolina “Early Voting” LANDSLIDE: Good news for Donald J Trump


The early votes have been cast, sealed, and stamped, and delivered to the South Carolina board of elections at Friday at 5pm. The results, were historic and shocking. 

The South Carolina State Election Commission released early voting numbers Friday, just one night before the state’s Republican primary election.

Absentee statistics showed 75,257 ballots were cast statewide as of Friday evening.

According to the commission, 5,535 of those ballots were cast in Beaufort County. Jasper county accounted for 481 ballots which was nearly double the 239 ballots returned in Hampton County.

Early voting for the state’s Republican primary ended at 5 p.m. Friday.

Saturday’s election is the first primary held in the South this election cycle.

The early votes were historic and unprecidented. 75,000 ballots is already almost double what Iowa had shown in their state, where Cruz won by only 3,000.


“This is only good news for Trump,” said one analyst, pointing to the chart showing Trump’s strengths in these states and among early voters “He probably has 40% at this point as of the count.”

CONFIRMED: Washington Post confirmed this story about Trump’s YUGE Lead: 

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