Cruz’s Wife Sat on Board that Backed Houston ‘Bathroom Bill’


The wife of Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz sat on the board of a group that unanimously voted to support a 2014 Houston ballot measure designed to offer protections to LGBT individuals, according to BuzzFeed News.

Cruz’s campaign said Heidi Cruz did not participate in the vote and publicly condemned the HERO ordinance during her time on the Greater Houston Partnership board, on which she no longer serves.

“Mrs. Cruz was not able to participate in that vote,” Cruz campaign spokesman Catherine Frazier told BuzzFeed.

Frazier added that Heidi Cruz “strongly opposed” and voted against the measure, which came to be known as the “bathroom bill” and was overwhelmingly rejected at the polls.

Ted Cruzs father, Rafael Cruz, was also an outspoken critic of the bill and of Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who is a lesbian.

“If the righteous are not running for office, if the righteous are not even voting, then what is left?” Rafael Cruz said during the HERO controversy. “The wicked are electing the wicked. And we get what we deserve.”

He said it was “appalling that in a city like Houston, right in the middle of the Bible Belt, we have a homosexual mayor.”

Ted Cruz condemned the bill for infringing upon religious liberty.

Cruz surrogates have criticized staffers of rival Marco Rubio for supporting gay marriage.


First reported by Bradford Richardson at The Hill

  • detroitheat

    But it’s amazing what some people call rightist, Cruz is a lying POS you know politics as usual !!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra Dove

    I don’t want no man in the womans bathroom even if they THINK they are a woman! It is plain and simple as that!!!!