TPP Can Donald Trump Win It All?

In an article titled Trump Could Win It All, U.S. News is reporting that a sizeable number of Democrat’s are defecting from Hillary Clinton to vote for Donald Trump. It’s no secret that blue collar workers have felt the pain as manufacturing jobs that helped to sustain a vibrant middle class have disappeared. The public isn’t as gullible as the entrenched politicians in DC seem to think. In South Carolina alone ⅓ of the manufacturing jobs have been lost since NAFTA was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton who worked hard to get it passed.  The giant sucking sound had come to pass and blue collar workers have been the losers.  People know that the influx of illegal aliens competing for jobs also drives down wages and drives up taxes. 

Senator Jeff Sessions has been praising Donald Trump for his positions on illegal immigration and trade. “I’m a fan of Trump,” Sessions said. “He’s been clear on immigration, he’s been clear on trade, and he’s talking directly to the American people.” Donald Trump has said that he would renegotiate or break NAFTA and has made it very clear that he is against the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership and unfair trade agreements in general. This appeals to people across the political spectrum.  AFLCIO President Richard Trumka conceded that probably all of his union members say “amen” when they hear Donald Trump blasting unfair trade deals that hurt American workers. The head of SEIU said “Trump appeals to some of her members”.  Donald Trump is right on trade and the public knows it. 

Senator Jeff Sessions has also said “Trump Could Win General Election, He Is Proving ‘Consultant Geniuses’ Wrong”. Trump  has been clearly and consistently against unfair trade agreements. A quick look at this article shows you that Senator Ted Cruz did support TPP and his votes helped to further  its passage. Ben Carson has backed TPP and so has John Kasich and Marco Rubio. Trade with China has also been a sore spot and Donald Trump has laid out what measures he would take to remedy the problem.

On the democratic side, Hillary Clinton was for NAFTA, then against NAFTA, for TPP and it’s unclear where she stands now. A Timeline Of Hillary Clinton’s Evolution On Trade. Bernie Sanders, is he still in the race? I say that not in an attempt to be humorous, but it’s unlikely he will win the nomination.  Even if he could, he has not been able to protect American workers in all the years he has been in government. Neither Clinton or Sanders are willing to put Americans first, if their intention is to allow all the illegal immigrants to remain, and that is their intention.

Canada is bemoaning the idea of a Trump presidency  “it’s all going to be about ‘America first’ and everyone else second”. Excuse me for pointing out that an American President should be representing Americans first and foremost.   Trump has vowed to rip up all trade agreements.  Yes Donald Trump can win it all and the reasons shown above will go a long way in explaining why.

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  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump


    Trump vows to ‘rip up’ all trade agreements

    • Noovuss

      So does that mean that we will have laze-fare trade with no government interference? If it does it will be wonderful to have freedom of trade that we have missed since the days of Herbert Hoovers tariffs.

      • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

        Tariffs are a way to equalize the playing field. You cannot have Fair Trade if you trade with countries that do not have the same rules and regulations. Corrupt third world countries that manipulate their currency, that use slave labor, i.e, China, Vietnam.

        The very idea of a service economy is an idiotic Keynesian fantasy, it’s a snake eating its own tail. Say’s Law was articulated in one of the earliest commentaries on Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”. Wealth is created at the point of production, when you make a product worth more than the parts and labor that went into it. Sales are just a wealth transfer, of that new wealth for existing wealth.

        Services do not create wealth, they only redistribute it. Wealth is not permanent, and suffers from shrinkage through obsolescence, wear and tear, accidental destruction, and other factors. An economy geared entirely around service jobs creates very little wealth, but wealth still leaves the system. This is why Communist nations fail, they have large labor forces engaged in unproductive labor (such as a bloated bureaucracy) and other forms of hole filling. If you’re endlessly redistributing an insufficient and ever-shrinking pool, the system eventually collapses.

        Our society is also losing wealth at an alarming rate through the trade deficit. If we don’t go back to a balanced or manufacturing-driven economy and close the trade gap, we’re on our way to being a third world country, and it’s only a matter of time. Wealth only comes from productive industries such as manufacturing and agriculture

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  • Whoelse Plouffe

    too bad for Canada.. We need to take care of our Country first.. then others after!

  • Laura Lynn

    I find it funny that Cruz wouldn’t or couldn’t answer your questions about Jobs and how to bring the economy back was because he didn’t have a good plan. He is now speaking out about jobs and how to build the economy up because he is using ideas that Truno had first. Cruz has copied off of Trumy since he started loosing the states. Cruz can’t bring in 15K people at his rally’s. He hardly gets 2 to 4 thousand people to come listen to him…Cruz has been stealing these Delegates from Trump because he is offering them trips and other things if they come to him. What a joke..that’s being cruddy. You have to bribe people to support you..that doesn’t say much about him…Cruz is a snake..he won’t make it at the convention because the Republican party hates him also.