Farrakhan Calls on Blacks to Make Detroit ‘The New Mecca’


“It can be great, great city. And it’s 83 percent black.”

Lois Farrakhan has a vision for Detroit to be a “great, great city again” and he is calling on the black community to rebuild the Motor City into “the new Mecca.”

“Detroit can be a great, great city again,” the Nation of Islam leader said during his recent speech, “Divine Instructions: Commands for 2016,” streamed live on the Nation of Islam website:

Detroit can be the new Mecca… and it’s 83 percent black.

Besides suggesting turning an American city into an Islamic stronghold, Farrakhan accused Republicans of making laws that keep blacks down and urged his listeners to be weary of promises made by Democrats.

He also gave other “commands” that evening:

Please don’t put up another basketball court and think you’re giving back to the black community. Basketball courts are a training ground for a basketball plantation.

You run up and down the field, show them how swift you are, how clever you are. And they’re sitting there, watching you, timing you: “That’s a good one. I’ll get him. I’m drafting him.”

Farrakhan praised Detroit Police Chief James Craig for being one of the “good ones,” despite the unwritten rule that “you aren’t supposed to like police.”

“Every Muslim is not good,” he added, “and it would be good to get some of them out of our ranks. I believe [Craig] is a good man and we can work together to make Detroit the number-one city in America for police-community relations.”

First reported by Trey Sanchez at Truth Revolt