McConnell to Republican Senators: “We will Drop Trump Like a Hot Rock”




Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told members this past week they can run ads against Donald Trump is he is the Republican nominee.
Kerry Picket The Daily Caller reported:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly told colleagues they will drop GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump “like a hot rock.”

McConnell reassured Republican members of the upper chamber they could run negative ads against Trump if he becomes the nominee and it threatens their re-election, reports The New York Times.

Additionally, McConnell told Republican senators during the members’ weekly lunch that the potential of Trump losing to Hillary Clinton is a given and it is best to describe to voters that a Republican Senate is a necessary check to a Clinton presidency.

Senators inside the lunch said McConnell reminded them of his successful 1996 re-election campaign when he won by a wide margin during President Bill Clinton’s easy re-election bid.


H/T The Gateway Pundit

  • azrajo

    They should be more worried that Trump and his supporters don’t run ads on them instead. There are a bunch of RINOS like John (the war hero)’McCain that should not be reflected .

    • Miss Annie

      I couldn’t agree more! I really think they are scared of the orange jumpsuits they could be wearing when Trump wins. They have been complicit in so many criminal activities!

    • SupportMcCarthyism

      It wouldn’t matter if we did. You have liberals who refuse to believe that their own party members have been running on the GOP ticket in hopes of turning GOP votes towards supporting Obama.

  • Michael

    I cannot wait to see Donald Trump on that podium taking the oath of office! Within days there will be heads rolling all over capitol hill! Americans we finally see the purging of political corruption!

    • Miss Annie

      It’s gonna be awesome Michael!!

    • Deborah Parker

      I agree and they will be lots of azz kissing lol I can’t wait to see him boot them out

  • linda harbertson

    McConnell tipped your hand way too soon. Fool.

  • Mary Sekera

    We will drop THEM like “hot rocks” if they do not support Donald Trump as the Nominee!!!
    No support and negative ads = NO votes for ANY Republican running for re-election!! We have
    had it with the Rino’s. Take that McConnell!!

    • Deborah Parker

      Trump will win he only needs 250 delegates

  • Deborah Parker

    Mitch McConnell do you think people will listen to you liars? We have had enough of the corruption in our Gov you are so afraid of Trump becuase all of you know your dirty laundry will be aired when Trump wins.I can’t wait to see what all the corruption has been about i know all of ou will go down and be out.Trump 2016 protect America and get rid of Gov corruption