More Possible Voter Fraud??? Now in Massachusetts! Clinton’s Team Blocks Voters – Video


Granted, I do not know all the details of this situation yet but it’s worth reporting on before it’s too late.

An entire precinct in New Bedford, Massuchesetts was blocked from voting for two hours today apparently due to an appearance from Bill Clinton…  Gee, I wonder which candidate New Bedford was leaning towards…

Bill Clinton’s Team Blocks VotersAn appearance by Bill Clinton in New Bedford, Massachusetts has apparently blocked an entire precinct from voting for the last two hours. #MoveBillGetOutTheWay

Posted by on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My question is:  are they going to keep the polls open two hours later now to make up for the lost time?????

And if this 2 hour delay was not due to a Bill Clinton appearance than what’s the explanation????  No matter what the reason, these kinds of shenanigans have been popping up the entire election cycle so far.  What gives….?


First reported by JULIAN ALEXANDER at Daily Kos