Trump vs Cruz; Who is the real outsider in the presidential race?

Ted Cruz is often described as an outsider and a consistent conservative, but is he really?  But you say he called Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor surely that proves he’s an outsider?  Does it really ??  Read that article in full it shows that Ted Cruz cannot be trusted to put americans first on trade.  Senator Cruz said “Heidi has a real heart here in America for helping lift people out of poverty.”  Interestingly, her work in the private sector shows the people she advised didn’t need any help and the Cruz’s on a personal level gave less than 1% to charity.

Ted Cruz may be hated for his inability to get things done, but that does not mean he’s an outsider, that means he is a jerk.  The Washington Examiner is running an article threatening any D.C. politician who supports Donald Trump.  Clearly the establishment GOP wants to keep the D.C. gravytrain intact. Democrat Harry Reid also prefers Ted Cruz over Donald Trump.  They aren’t worried about Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or John Kasich they are worried about Donald Trump, because they know he can’t be bribed or intimidated.

Lindsey Graham among the worst of the worst is willing to rally around Ted Cruz, (1:35 in video below) why? Because he knows what all the insiders know, Ted Cruz is one of them.  Ted Cruz get’s insider’s money and insiders have pledged their allegiance to him.  Ted Cruz started out his career working for George Bush, he helped craft his amnesty plan and likened himself to Bush saying he thought of himself as a compassionate conservative.  AND, former Jeb Bush finance members have joined Ted Cruz’s team.

Senator Sessions on the other hand, who has proven to be the best at looking out for the american people on immigration and trade, has endorsed Donald Trump. Why?  I think the answer lies in this article “a Trump election would kill the advancement of that Obama-negotiated [Trans Pacific Partnership trade] agreement.”

“Sessions praised Trump for listening to American voters’ desire for a “lawful system of immigration” that “serves the national interest, and that is good for the people of America.”  He also found voters to be “uneasy about these trade agreements that have not worked as promised, and they want us to slow down and protect American manufacturing and jobs.”

“Sessions was especially forceful in his criticism of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which he saw as a serious threat to American sovereignty, as well as a menace to the economic interests of working-class voters.”

“I believe the advancement of the Trans-Pacific partnership, with this European-type commission – the Pacific commission that would be created here, where each of our Pacific partners in that trade agreement, if it were adopted, would get one vote, and they set rules, they can change the rules, without Congress, without the permission of the American people – I think that’s a huge mistake,” he said.  “It absolutely should not happen.”

We have presented the evidence – now it’s up to you to decide – who is the real outsider Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.