As a Christian, I disavow Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz


It is time for Christians to speak out.  As a Christian, I disavow Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz.


I am sick and tired of the whitewashing and glossing over of the words and actions being perpetrated by these two men – all the while using the mantle Christianity as some sort of shield.


It is highly disturbing to me how so many Christians are acting as if “the end justifies the means” with Ted Cruz, completely ignoring the fact that the “means forecasts the end”.


Ted Cruz stole the Iowa caucus by out and out lying and cheating.  Let us please stop playing mind games with ourselves and pretending that it didn’t happen.


In one of Karl Rove’s rare moments of honesty and forthrightness, even he explained how Ted Cruz’s antics in Iowa actually stole the win from Donald Trump.  


Ted Cruz has lied and misrepresented his positions on immigration.  He says one thing for the public and does and says an entirely different thing on the floor of Congress.  Don’t believe me? Look here.   


Glenn Beck has really gone off the rails.  


Glenn Beck has called the Executive Chairman of Breitbart, Stephen K. Bannon, “Goebells” and Trump supporters “Brownshirts” 


This nastiness is just totally uncalled for.


Glenn Beck has also attended and given speeches at many Cruz rallies toting a book, “Don Quiote”, claiming that this book in his hand was the same copy that George Washington purchased on the day The Constitution was signed.  Glenn Beck only admitted that he was lying about the book after Mt Vernon disputed his claims.    



Does this mean that he would have continued the lie if he weren’t cold busted in it?


Just today, Glenn Beck has come out and stated that if he were at the debate and close enough to Donald Trump, that “the stabbing just wouldn’t stop”.  


How absolutely and utterly disgusting.  As a Christian, there are people that I am not so fond of, but I would not fantasize about stabbing them. And I do believe that most other Christians would agree with this statement.


The height of hypocrisy one of the things that is angering me the most about this is all of the chatter that I have heard from Glenn Beck in regards to Trump’s faith being fake and Trump’s lack of repentance.  Whaaaattt?


Jesus said you will know a tree by it’s fruit.  This is some very bad fruit.


Again, I will state my position.  As a Christian, I disavow Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.  They are not representative of me, my faith, my beliefs, nor my Jesus.  Period.


Below is the audio of Glenn Beck stating that he would have stabbed Donald Trump and “the stabbing just wouldn’t stop”.


  • Sharon Genovese

    Totally agree. I am tired of my faith being questioned because I support Trump.

    • Pk Mitchell

      Same… i feel sorry for believers who are deceived by people like this just because they present themselves as “one of them” never mind their actions being contradictory… and honestly, Beck belongs to a CULT, hilarious to hear him attack Trumps “Christian faith” or lack thereof.

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  • deemilio

    Cruz and Beck are cut from the same cloth. Both are radicals. They call us “brown shirts” … they don’t have a clue. I trust Cruz about as much as I have trusted the rest of congress. He rants, but he hasn’t accomplished a damn thing. Beck is just nuts. He has gone off the rails. I stopped listening to him a year ago and I’m sure I’m not the only listener who has tuned him out.

  • Thomas Mack

    Trump, could have downplayed his faith for others more “mainline” than “evangelical” to get votes, but he didn’t. He’s made it clear he’s compassionate for women enough that he gives the nod to Planned Parenthood helping them as long as it doesn’t entail killing the unborn.

    As a bible believing Christian, I support Trump enthusiastically, he seems to be a Joshua for our time.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Cruz and Beck both are evil! Using religion to further their NWO agenda. You shall know them by their fruits. And both of these liars are being shown by their filthy, disgusting, rotten fruits.

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