BREAKING NEWS : Herman Cain Announces He Will Support Donald Trump for President if He is the Nominee




In a Wednesday appearance on Fox News, former GOP presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain said he would support Donald Trump were he to win the GOP nomination.

In the interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Cain also said that those in the party establishment vowing to torpedo Trump’s campaign were he to be nominated were “insane and irresponsible.”

“I think they ought to stand back and get over it,” Cain said of the party establishment threatening to go nuclear on Trump. “Support whoever the nominee is, is what the mantra ought to be for the Republicans.”

Cain saved his greatest scorn for Mitt Romney, whose negative statements about Trump’s tax returns have caused controversy and division even among party members. Cain called Romney’s statement a “grenade” and said all he did was provide fodder for liberals.

“It would give all of the na-na-na-na-na naysayers out there more stuff to go after, to continue to throw stuff into the wind,” Cain said.

Here is a video of the briliant Herman Cain introducing Mr Trump at a rally in Macon, Georgia.



We would like to let it be known that this post is making the correction that Herman Cain has stated he will support Mr Trump if he is the nominee, but  has not officially endorsed Mr. Trump to be the nominee.

  • Billy S DuBose

    As a Christian I disavow the media, the GOP establishment, and the DNC establishment, and place my confidence in those, whose hearts are in the right place…….with the American People! People like Donald Trump!

    • Freedom’sBell

      You’re not from NY are you?

  • Civil rights leader and NAACP member Edgar Evers from Mississippi endorsed Trump today so the KKK LIE instigated by the GOP and smeared all over Fox, CNN and MSNBC DID NOT WORK!! We ‘The People” HATE LIARS!! Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz make a living by running for office. Once elected they DO NOTHING including going to work. They live on Big donors, lobbyists and the American People’s money! Neither one of these so-called Senators have accomplished ONE THING except winning an election…NOT ONE! So why would any American with half sense vote for these idiots to be our President! Help SAVE AMERICA….Vote TRUMP!

    • Sheila

      Amen to that!!

  • Mammaw7

    I write this as an American, An American that is fed up with Washington, the Republican party and the Democratic party. Now the Republican party is attacking the people, trying to steal the vote of the people. We have watched the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama administration carry America toward a one world union that would be controlled by the UN. It is time the people took our country back. I want the border closed. Trump! I want the Constitution followed to the letter on immigration. Trump! Build that WALL. Trump! I want our country to stop sending money to foreign governments that hate us. Trump! Bring back American Jobs from over seas by negotiating better deals. Trump! Take care of our Veterans and our elderly, fix VA and Medicare and Social Security. Trump! Repeal and replace Obamacare, remove the lines around the states so that there is competition that will reduce the cost to the people, negotiate for lower cost on medicine and doctors care. Trump! Trump is no wimp, he has taken every fast ball the establishment has thrown at him and is still standing strong. Rubio and Cruz both have strong ties to the establishment and the Bush family and are puppets. What is the establishment afraid of? Why would the establishment risk making the million’s and million’s of Trump voters angry if Trump is chosen by the people and they broker a convention and steal the peoples vote. They are afraid of losing the power! the power, that Trillion’s of Dollars over the last 20 years, that the big money has purchased for them! Any more when you vote a Republican or a Democrat to office it doesn’t matter neither have the American people interests at heart.. It is the agenda of their backers and carrying America to a one world union controlled not by the people but by a dictator society. This is our last chance America. My Great Grand Father , My Grandfather , My Father and Father n law and My husband fought for this country, My family will always fight for America Will you?. our constitution is under attack, our very right to worship God is under attack. that is why we must vote Donald J. Trump into office,

  • abbasgirl

    Trump for President!!!

  • Marianna Mansfeldova

    Thank you Mr. Cain, you are true American!

  • Jim Minch

    Burn it down and rebuild anew!!!

  • Whoelse Plouffe

    This guy is Awesome.. #PresidentTrump

  • Raging Ketteh

    <3 the Hermanator!

  • Virginia

    I was waiting and waiting for it, he said nothing just like Trump, would like to hear something of substance from the Trump campaign this wasn’t it, so sad.

    • Dan Applegate

      I think Trump has said a lot of substance in his campaign. You must want to hear some of that PC crap that is everywhere! You will not hear that crap from Trump and is what he is going to fight against! Understand……to rid this country of the deep cancer we have in the Whitehouse and Congress……there will be a complete cleansing and probably done in ways new to us…..but, will be done!!!! I trust Trump……if you don’t…..don’t vote for him!! I am going to because I believe he is the ONLY one that we can trust to get our country back! The establishment fighting so hard against Trump, tells me they want to again tell us who the candidate will be and they do not want Trump because they cannot control him!!! He is self funding will answer to no one!!! Right there is one big problem for the establishment! I like the anger Trump radiates……cause that is the same anger I have! If the republicans would have vetted Obama as they have Trump…..maybe we would not have this communist in office!!!!!! To me, both parties are corrupt, kinda like a mafia, and each individual is fighting to get all they can from the hard working Americans and lining their OWN pockets!! ENOUGH…..Trump cares about this country and it’s citizens and is tired of the corruption and will to do something about once in office…and I trust him to do it……I trust no one else! Obama preached on hope and change………he got his hope……now I want the change!!!

      • Virginia

        Maybe so, all I can say to that is action speaks louder then words. In politics it’s all about being a magician for all parties, distract the people so they can’t see what’s really going on. It’s also similar to big time wrestling, they’re all buddies after the show. I hope you find a healthy outlet for your true feelings, peace to you.

    • David Kester

      Virginia, Cain and Trump said nothing? Maybe you only hear what you want to hear. Maybe you need to do some actual research on your own instead of relying on what the major media reports as the gospel truth. If you’re not getting something of substance then I suggest you change your method of searching for truth and facts.

      • Virginia

        Yes, I have done a little research but not much thou. The media lies so it’s a challenge. What I’ve heard so far is not great in my opinion, divide and conquer so far.

        • astoriava

          Hate to tell you but Trump seems to unite more than divide.

          • Virginia

            The magicians never reveals their secrets plus wasn’t talking just about Trump. PS don’t hate it’s bad for your health.

  • Andersson

    Thank you for stumpin for Trump!

  • Freedom’sBell

    Wait, Romney is bad because he lost to Obama but Cain is good because he lost to Romney? Is there a Trumpette that can explain that to me?

    • astoriava

      Sure, Hillary is good because she lost to Obama. And we all know how well that turned out.

  • Dianne Molander

    Good veep possibility~~Herman Cain!

  • Adam Phillips

    Trump supporters need to watch this.

  • ersgeobu

    That shows he a man & not some 2 year old cry baby like the rest of the whiners I guess they don’t understand it’s what the people want that counts not what they want.