U.S. taxpayers are paying for Cuban ‘migrants’ in Costa Rica

I’m really very irritated right now.  I just finished a story on a veteran who killed himself after his call for help went to voicemail.  On top of that we just finished doing our taxes and this story comes out that we are paying for Cuban migrants who are ‘stranded in Costa Rica’.

“MIAMI — The United States government has been paying to feed and shelter thousands of Cubans trying to migrate to the United States, in what critics consider another sign of the lopsided treatment provided to Cubans under American law.”

They don’t want to discuss the amounts, but I would sure like to know.  The article notes that tens of thousands of Cubans are arriving each year. Recently the Sun Sentinel in Florida did a series of articles on welfare and Social Security abuse by Cubans.

Part 1: “Cuban immigrants are cashing in on U.S. welfare and returning to the island, making a mockery of the decades-old premise that they are refugees fleeing persecution at home. Some stay for months at a time — and the U.S. government keeps paying.”

Part 2: “More Cubans are coming to Florida in their golden years to retire, able to tap U.S. government assistance even though they never lived or worked here.”

Part 3:  “Florida politicians have fiercely fought to protect the special status given to Cuban immigrants, transforming U.S. government assistance from handouts of powdered milk and cheese to a multibillion dollar entitlement.”

Here’s something else you really should know Under U.S. Law Cuban Refugee’s don’t have to be from Cuba! As I said I’m pretty irritated. Our veterans are getting the short end of the stick and so are taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill for these people not only here, but also while they are enroute.  One final piece to this story is it’s not only the Florida politicians who think Cuban’s deserve the special treatment.  One of the candidates running for president, Ted Cruz also thinks Cubans deserve special treatment.

“Cuba poses a different scenario from other countries, he said, because U.S. immigration law has recognized for decades that there is a qualitative difference between fleeing political persecution and fleeing poverty.”

If you read part 1 and 2 of the investigations cited above,  you will see that these people Ted Cruz calls persecuted, travel back and forth to Cuba freely and willingly after getting hooked up on our welfare.  They even buy homes using our tax and Social Security dollars.  Social Security that they never paid into and that our politicians (including Ted Cruz who wants to raise the retirement age) are constantly telling us is going to go broke. Social Security that YOU and YOUR employers paid for.  One final outrage read this Plundering America The Cuban Criminal Pipeline.  Now someone tell me again how Ted Cruz is a principled conservative looking out for Americans?



  • di from Oregon

    Sometimes I think the whole world is corrupt!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      It does feel that way at times. Fish rot from the head down. It doesn’t help that our politicians are enabling their crony friends and people from all around the world to take advantage of taxpayers. It also doesn’t help if they have allegiances to people from other countries like Ted Cruz does. Not only is it unfair to the taxpayers, it makes us all look bad when one group of people is favored over another and that’s what the special treatment for Cuban’s does.

      “Cruz routinely cites his own history as inspiration for his views on immigration. His father, Rafael Cruz, a North Texas pastor and Tea Party favorite in his own right, fled Cuba and worked as a dishwasher before attending the University of Texas at Austin on a student visa, and he is now “living the American dream,” Ted Cruz says.

      But critics of Cruz argue that Cubans are awarded what some today would call amnesty. Federal law allows Cubans to adjust their legal status a year after arriving.”


      • di from Oregon

        Trump now has 378 delegates, Cruz has 295 as of Super Saturday, sure hope Trump gets his needed 859 delegates these next rounds coming up.

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