BBB Faxed Fox News Trump’s A Rating During Debate – Moderators Ignored it & Let Lie Stand – Video Proof



First. let us not skip over the fact that the entire debate was nothing more than a cooperative effort between Fox News, Rubio and Cruz to perform a drive by on Donald Trump.

Let us first assume, just assume that Rubio brought up the topic of Trump University of his own accord, it sure was mighty handy for Fox News to have a prepared correlating graphic prepared to go up on screen for the viewers.

That graphic is visible at about the 1:06 mark in the below video:


Understand that the above graphic was created ahead of time.  Prior to the debate. It was a planned hit.  Since when do the moderators of a debate act more like another candidate rather than a moderator?

Since when are attacks on candidates pre-planned with other candidates with cooperation of the media and their assistance with graphics and such?

I guess they are now.

Now on to the fax.

During a commercial break of the debate, the Better Business Bureau actually sent Fox News a fax correcting the record on Donald Trump’s rating, proving that it is an A rating and not a D as stated by Megyn Kelly.  All of the Fox News moderators allowed this lie to stand, even though the BBB had corrected the record.

Megyn Kelly Even Admitted after the debate– She was handed the fax at the debate but never corrected her inaccurate statements.
Then she doubled down on the lie in a later segment despite having the document in her hand.

A member of the audience took this video proving this claim:


  • Jeanette Davis

    Fox is a GOP insider. I Can’t stand them. I’ll never watch them unless Trump is on! I expected this to happen. I wish Trump would have done a rally instead.
    I’m not voting for a party, I’m voting for America first! And Trump is America!
    ?? America will have her winner! ?? And the winner is going to be Trump! ? God Bless America! ?
    ?? Go #PresidentTrump 2016! ??
    ?? ??

    • Joan Lee

      You lied about Fox lying about Trump.

    • yatesracing

      why??????i THOUGHT HE WAS GREAT/ WITH THE OTHER TWO NO ONE WAS PAYING ATTENTION. never ever listen to the BITCH who wouldn’t report the truth, even if she knew how. THE WORD “TRUTH” ISN’T EVEN IN THE BITCH’S VOCABULARY.

  • Pete

    You killed em!!! Go Trump…

  • corey2444

    Fox is dead to me as much as CNN is.

  • kevinbarry

    FOX has lost a LOT of shine, I don’t watch them anymore, especially because they have become Fairly Unbalanced. Good job Fox, you’ve managed to bring yourselves down to the shit level of the rest of these idiotic “news” shows.

  • GinnyLee

    Kelly is one of the most imperious, overbearing, brazen pieces of work that ever was allowed to have a platform on Fox. ‘May as well add “MSNBC” to the “FOX” acronym. Bah!

  • Breezie Dayz

    Yeah, right, sure, CBS, can’t you get a better propaganda source.

  • Breezie Dayz

    Ah, yes, the home of none other than Dan Rather. They wouldn’t “lie” now would they?

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  • Ed Akerman

    I did tape Megan because she was on after O’Reilly. Never finished watching as I wanted the news not her dumb grin. None I only tape O’Reilly mainly to watch Jesse Waters.

  • missykitty345

    Ya no we use to watch Fox but I cant stand that Megan Kelly. Now we wach ” ONE AMERICAN NEWS “

  • Robert Truss

    Are they having Court? These things were brought up to down grade Trump.

  • Thomas Mack

    Most ridiculous unfair thing is the lack of equal time as no other candidate had those big screen posted supposed accurate “stats.”

  • Deborah Lynn Belcher Wisnewski

    Kelly is as ugly on the outside now as she is on the inside

  • Bill Catz

    Fair and Balanced….. NOT!


    Miss Megan wants to be the face of Fox. Unfortunately, she is taking them down instead. Sad.

  • Frank Rinchich

    Here is the take on this, there was an agreement before the debate that no candidate would speak with his staff. during brakes which was fair enough, but when a moderator lies about something and a staff member can prove it wrong , the contact between candidate and staff should have been allowed, and Kelly should have read the BBB fax .end of story .fox screwed up as usual.

  • scribe

    Murdoch, who owns FOX, has partnered with Michael Bloomberg to co-chair “Partnership For a New American Economy” (PNAE) which advocates for mass legalization of US undocumented immigrants, eliminating the cap on H-1B visas, and dramatically increasing legal immigration in order to induce American Companies to stay in the U.S. by lowering American wages.

    Wikipedia has a list of others who co-chair PNAE, including Iger of Walt Disney Co., Jim McNerney CEO of Boeing, etc.

    Obviously, these guys oppose Trump and will stop at nothing in their pursuit of cheap labor.

  • yatesracing

    MEGYN is such a PHONY AND LIAR. I can’t stand that “BITCH”