Herman Cain : Sorry, media, I did not ‘endorse’ Donald Trump (Retraction)


But I know what kind of leader he would be.

Maybe I’m making too fine a point out of this, but I keep seeing news reports this morning that I “endorsed” Donald Trump for president by accepting his invitation to introduce him at his rally last night in Macon, Georgia. That will probably come as news to Donald Trump as well as to me – which is not to say I don’t respect him immensely.

I do. I wouldn’t have shown up if I didn’t. As I said clearly last night, I showed up to introduce him for one simple reason. He asked me. I’ve said for some time now that I’ve got my Pick Six of candidates I would feel good about supporting, and Trump is one of them. The others are Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee.

I would have shown up for any of the other five had they asked. But I’m very happy that Trump was the one who asked, not only because I do believe he would be an excellent president, but also because I’m happy to stand with him in the face of the ridiculous media attacks on the man. (Notice their silence about Hillary Clinton’s lie that she was rejected for the Marines because she was a woman, relative to their total obsession over Trump’s statement about 9/11. Even if you’re not a Trump guy you should be looking to call them out for that one.)

Anyway, you can see for yourself what I actually said last night. I’m very happy that one of our options for the Republican nomination is a good man like Donald Trump, and that’s why I was pleased to stand with him last night. If the media can’t tell the difference between that and a formal endorsement, it’s probably not worth my time to worry about it.

  • Thomas Mack

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