RNC Rules State GOP Nominee Must Have Won 8 States to be Considered a Candidate at the Convention


Sorry Mitt, no brokered convention for you!

On FOX News Sunday this morning Rush Limbaugh pointed out that even with a brokered convention the Republican nominees must have won a majority of delegates in at least 8 states.

So far only one candidate qualifies with 12 state victories – Donald Trump.

So even if the GOP establishment wants to nominate a Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney they couldn’t because they have not won majority of delegates in any state let alone 8 states.

This convention rule – Number 40 – was adopted at the 2012 convention.

Rush said the GOP would have to change the convention rules in order to steal the election from the Republican base.

But if no one knows, here is the irony of the situation.

The rule change that makes it more beneficial for Donald Trump at the moment was added at the 21012 convention in order to block Ron Paul delegates from being a part of the convention.

Here is a video from the 2012 convention showing all of that go down.  The RNC has no shame!


H/T The Gateway Pundit 

  • nickathens

    The rule requires a “majority ” of delegates to win a state . Right now trump has 5 Cruz 3. There is no path for Cruz