Neil Bush join’s OUTSIDER (sarc) Ted Cruz’s team

In Trump vs Cruz; Who is the real outsider in the presidential race? I pointed out that Ted Cruz began his career working for former President George Bush.  The article also noted that insiders had pledged their allegiance to Ted Cruz and even Lindsay Graham was also willing to rally around Cruz. Today it was announced that Neil Bush is also joining the Cruz campaign.

“WASHINGTON — Neil Bush, brother of Jeb and George W. Bush, has joined the Ted Cruz national finance team, the senator’s campaign announced this afternoon.

Whether Neil Bush is an outlier within the family, or the vanguard of a dynastic shift, remains to be seen.

“This is certainly great news,” said Cruz communications director Alice Stewart. “We’re excited to get the word out. We’re talking to a lot of people.”

Like other surviving candidates, Cruz has been courting donors and supporters of Jeb Bush and others who’ve dropped out of the GOP race.

Neil Bush, a Houston businessman, was a director at Denver-based Silverado Savings and Loan in the 1980’s.  Its failure caused political headaches for his father, then the vice president.”  (Flashback F.D.I.C. Sues Neil Bush And Others at Silverado)

If you want politics as usual in Washington, D.C. vote for Ted Cruz, because that is what you will get.  Ted Cruz is beholden to open borders donors like the Club for Growth and Goldman Sachs, who (along with some other Cruz donor’s) are under investigation.

“Goldman Sachs gave Cruz $69,350. The pro-amnesty Goldman Sachs is under an FBI investigation that started in June. It has a long history of dirty dealings and being a Democrat ATM. Is this money a “pay-it-forward” bribe to Cruz to save Goldman Sachs by having a “President Cruz” call the FBI off the trail of his wife’s employer?

By the way, Goldman Sachs gave a fat envelope to Mitch McConnell – aren’t Cruz and McConnell on opposite sides of everything? It seems not.”

You have a choice to make America.  You can vote for an insider like Ted Cruz or the only real outsider in the race, Donald Trump.  Choose Wisely.