Ted Cruz Using Same Tactics in Hawaii as He Used to Cheat Ben Carson in Iowa – Video



In February Dr. Ben Carson accused the Cruz camp of foul play in the Iowa Caucuses.

The Cruz camp told voters on caucus night that Carson was dropping out and to vote for Ted Cruz.

The Cruz campaign is now pulling the same dirty tricks that they used to cheat in Iowa to cheat in Hawaii.

Many people think that this tactic was to pull delegates away from Ben Carson, but Ben Carson was just the pawn he used to steal the entire win away from Donald Trump.  Karl Rove, in a rare moment of honesty and accuracy explains that very well. 

The Cruz camp sent their dishonest statements out to 1,500 precincts before the voting started at the Iowa caucuses.

The Carson camp later accused the Cruz camp of dirty tricks saying, “There was never a more tainted victory!”



Now this—

Today the Cruz camp is at it again.  This time in Hawaii!

Dirty Ted Cruz is sending out emails in Hawaii telling voters Rubio is dropping out and not to waste your vote!


Fox News has reported :


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