Free Trade where does your candidate stand?

Let’s cut to the chase. John Kasich is for shipping your job’s overseas. “The trade agreement – the TPP – it’s critical to us not only for economic reasons and for jobs because there’s so many people who are connected to getting jobs because of trade, but it allows us to create not only economic alliances, but also potentially strategic alliances against the Chinese,” Kasich argued in support of the nearly 6,000 page agreement – longer than Obamacare and the failed Gang of Eight immigration bill combined.”  (Update Kasich also voted for NAFTA)

Ohio just lost 112,500 jobs due to trade with TPP countries and it appears Ohioans are fed up…

Ohio’s ‘dirty little secret’: blue-collar Democrats for Trump.

But what about the others? Marco Rubio is just as bad, he cast the 60th and deciding vote to fast-track TPP. He later tried to distance himself for his presidential run. Ted Cruz is also a big free trader he helped Paul Ryan sell TPA (Trade Promotion Authority, aka fast track) to the others. Keep in mind he did this for a president he has called lawless many times. He too conveniently changed his position after outrage and just in time for his presidential run, but not without first doing damage.


Obviously this is a pro-Trump website. We have our reasons. Chief among them is our concerns for not only our own children and grandchildren, but also our fellow Americans.  Unfair free trade is devastating our middle class. BTW, it is not only the union members mentioned in that link that are unhappy, the Teamster workers also back Donald Trump on Trade. The Republican base is also opposed to these trade agreements as you can see, much to the dismay of the establishment groupies.

Mr. Trump is well aware that unfair free trade is ruining our country.  He is not only against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but has said he would rip up all the other trade agreements. In short he wants Americans to get a fair deal with fair trade.  Trump’s got it right on trade. For those of you who say why did he have products made in other countries?  Well the answer is he has long been against unfair free trade he talked about it way back in 1988, but as you must know a lot of the manufacturer’s have left.  As a businessman I would think it also made good business sense.

Leveling the playing field for the American people and companies, as Trump plans to do, should change that dynamic.

Next up we will tell you where they stand on Social Security.