The NBC / WSJ Polling is Not Really Polling – It’s Gaslighting and Media Manipulation


What is Gaslighting?  Bill Whittle explains best how this emotional manipulation tactic is being used by our media to serve political means.

Watch this five minute video before we go on to get a better understanding of exactly what is going on here.

The latest media narrative “Donald Trump Cannot Beat Hillary Clinton” and “Donald Trump support Dropping”, is being spurred by another NBC/Wall Street Journal poll being pushed – yet again – by NBC political director Mark Murray.mark-murray (1)

On February 17th we completely deconstructed the ridiculous methodology being deployed in the agenda polls –SEE HERE–  What the general audience continually seems to overlook is the source of the information.

Here’s another screengrab of the latest “poll” being pushed by NBC/WSJ (the full pdf is here).  Look closely at the origin of the information.


What you’ll see is: “Hart Research Associates / Public Opinion Strategies” these are not political polling firms.  These are public relations firms.  You can go here to see the origin of the data, and you can GO HERE to see the clients they service. 

From Their “About Us” Page – About half of our research is dedicated to winning elections. Our political client base includes thirteen U.S. Senators, six Governors, over sixty-five Members of Congress, and numerous state legislative caucuses. The other half of our work is involved in complex public policy battles, working with industry coalitions, government entities and private companies.

What you will discover is their clients are entrenched DC Politicians who have a specific and vested interest in the outcome of the election.  Public Opinion Strategies is the outfit that runs their political campaigns and political messaging.

These are not media polls done to capture the mood of the electorate.  These are tightly controlled scripts designed to sell a very specific reference.   This is the professional political class controlling the information being fed into the media machine.

Do not take our word for it, check it all out for yourself.  All the links are above.  Once you look into it you’ll realize why and how the reality (election outcome) diverges so completely from the narrative (election prediction).

This crap is all about constructing a false impression and selling the propaganda to the audience.  That’s all it is.

This is what they do with the crap:

First reported by The Conservative Treehouse