Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Endorses Donald Trump For President – Video


Today in Saint Louis a life-long conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorsed presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It is very interesting to note that individual conservative patriots, who have fought against the institutional corporate corruption within conservatism for their entire lives, are the people standing up for Trump.

Meanwhile, the institutional entities, the group-thinkers, the globalists, corporatists and those dependent groups who feed from the trough of the Wall Street media machine, are the very people who stand in opposition to candidate Trump.

We, we band of brothers, choose individual liberty, individual freedom, individual and national patriotism.  Americans.

Borrowing from Mike Vanderboegh This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.

But I tell you this: We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.

And when we are gone, the scattered, free survivors hiding in the ruins of our once-great republic will sing of our deeds in forbidden songs, tending the flickering flame of individual liberty until it bursts forth again, as it must, generations later. We will live forever, like the Spartans at Thermopylae, in sacred memory.


First reported at The Conservative Treehouse