Establishment Website REDSTATE Calls On Far Left Protesters to Bring Guns to Trump Rallies


Yes, I used the world Establishment.  Red State is a full blown Establishment website claiming to be conservative.

They are endorsing Ted Cruz and if there is anything we have learned about Ted Cruz, its that he is full blown Establishment hiding behind the curtain of anti establishment.  Sort of like “The Wizard of Oz”.

We, here, at Stumpin For Trump have gone out of our way and made it our duty to inform all of exactly how Ted Cruz is establishment and what are the tell tale signs? Lets look at them.

He lies about his stance on Immigration.

He lies about his stance on TPP

He recently hired Neil Bush to head his finance team.  A BUSH? And carry the claim of anti establishment?

There is a lot more, but that is enough to give the general idea.

The Gateway Pundit reports :

RedState, a right of center website, managed by Trump-basher Erick Erickson, is part of Townhall Media.
The website claims it has three goals:
1) Educate conservatives
2) Motivate conservatives to get involved in the political process
3) Activate conservatives through RedState’s support and tools

Today Redstate called on all far left protesters to BRING FIREARMS to Donald Trump rallies.

This is a new low for the Trump-hating ‘so-called’ Conservative media.

They can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so now they want his supporters shot dead.
It’s one thing to promote an opposing candidate.
It’s quite another to want him and his supporters dead.

I do hope the FBI is notified about this threat.

Below is a screengrab from Redstate website today.

My advice for reporters and protestors visiting Donald Trump events
By Redstate Contributor Neil Stevens–


Got that, Trump supporters.
RedState wants you dead.
And these guys are supposed to be on OUR SIDE!


H/T The Gateway Pundit