NRA Instructor Jan Morgan Revokes Endorsement of Ted Cruz for President



Jan Morgan, “nationally recognized 2nd Amendment speaker,” journalist, and certified NRA instructor has officially withdrawn her endorsement for GOP candidate Ted Cruz today, making the announcement via Twitter:

“I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz…”

Image source : facebook
Image source : facebook

The Tweet contains a link to a piece from The Conservative Treehouse calling Cruz an “opportunist” who used the chaos in Chicago last night to smear Donald Trump- by blaming Trump for it:

“This is quite stunning even for a politician as low as Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has a prime opportunity to highlight the intolerance of the left. Instead he chooses to attack Donald Trump.”

I have officially withdrawn my endorsement and support for Ted Cruz. His decision to blame Trump for the violence and...

Posted by Jan Morgan on Friday, March 11, 2016

No response yet from the Cruz camp following Morgan’s announcement.

  • Antina de Boer

    Please go on like that Cruz, you’ll soon be out.

  • jj

    “2nd Amendment supporter” whose main claim to fame is trying to deny brown-skinned people their 2nd Amendment rights unless they can convince her they aren’t Muslim.

  • MikeO

    So let’s talk degrees. Which is worse: Criticizing a cartoon contest as an incitement for an attempted terrorist attack, or criticizing actual calls for violence as an incitement for a large protest?

  • Barry Keller

    As an NRA and Concealed Carry Instructor, WELL DONE ! TRUMP2016

  • Barbara Gardner

    I think Jan is the opportunist, because had she listened, and I am sure she did, she would have heard Cruz say that Trump creates a atmosphere of violence, but he clearly did not blame Trump for the protestors at Chicago… Now Jan go ahead and tell the people what was the offer you could not refuse! Most people do not know who you are anyway, no big loss! But thanks for the vote!

  • WVU Grad

    She doesn’t have good listening skills. Maybe she has shot to many guns without ear protection. He said that Trump creates an atmosphere where violence could happen. When Trump says hit protesters in the face and take thence out on stretchers those are not the things a Presidental candidate should say.

  • splooshman

    Since this website is obviously biased towards Trump, it’s obvious it will do anything to slam Cruz or any other candidate. Shame on those who buy this BS without further investigation. Cruz’s meaning has been twisted into false understanding of his intent. Trump created a culture of antagonism at his rallies, encouraging his supporters to act violently against those who oppose him. THAT’S what Cruz was saying! Duh.

  • Jaybird

    The motions filed in defense of Cruz and Rubio in Florida are available to the public through the Broward County Court website due to the state’s sunshine laws, Case # CACE15022044. Each one stakes their claim on only one half of the historical natural born requirements. Rubio argues the only thing that matters is he “was born in the United States”, while Cruz argues the only thing that matters is his mother’s citizenship, although the bulk of both rely on attempts to stop the case from moving forward on technicalities vs merits. Stunningly, while both crisscross the country appealing to voters, both have now argued that voters have no recourse to challenge a candidate over ineligibility, that courts have no authority to rule on this Constitutional matter. Instead, both argue it must wait until they are elected as President/Vice President and then the legislative body where they’re employed at the will of The People, Congress, would determine whether they’re eligible and if not, choose their replacement. That does not sound like a Conservative, accountable to voters, Separation of Powers viewpoint. What’s worse is both US Senators are pursuing and defending their own ambitions for the Executive Branch in a way that undermines the Constitution and Founders’ Intent.

  • kaybobbitt

    Well NRA has promoted more liberals than NRA members admit. Some type of petty gun law they will vote against.{ senators, congressmen, elected officials} So they get the NRA endorsement. Bait
    and switch. Then when it gets needed [their vote] they turn around and vote for a law that is wanted to pass by the liberals. NRA don’t care.

  • UwasaWahya

    How about we discuss the real issue. Cruz is not a natural born born citizen he knows he is not but is willing to deceive the public to obtain the office of President. That is much more relevant than the typical political mud slinging we always see.

  • Not

    smart girl

  • Born In The USA

    Tomorrow is the predicted date that Cruz would be out of the game, doesn’t look like that will happen. Poor old politician analysts and media just can’t get anything right this election cycle. Shamed and disgraced is all they have won.

  • Stump’n for Trump

    The website may be fake… but the BS video is not! How is it that Cruz supports can be fooled as easily as the people on the left.
    I’m sure the signature from Heidi in the CFR is fake too, right?

  • Miss Annie

    I can assure you the website is not fake. It is here and it is real. The “authors” prefer a little anonymity, which is not unusual as political bloggers do face a fair amount of risk.

    • Timbo

      Thank you for your “inside information” on those “authors” that “prefer anonymity”…