Terrorism In America



“Tonight’s rally will be postponed to another date. Thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace.” ~Donald J. Trump

Tension is high, in the United States, as election year, 2016, has brought new revelations regarding the corruption in Washington, within the establishment, beginning at the very top and trickling down into the lowest levels of Government. There have been accusations, denials and insults hurled from both the Democratic and Republican party, from candidates on both sides of the aisle, and from supporters of each candidate.

Recently, the front-runner of the Republican party, in the Presidential race, Donald J. Trump, cancelled a rally, in Chicago, Illinois, due to an organized protest of thousands of people, who carried professionally printed signs, and represented organizations, such as BLM (Black Lives Matter), ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Chicago, ICIRR (Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights) and La Raza Chicago.

But, who was behind these groups? Who funded them? MoveOn.org has claimed responsibility for the organization of this protest:  This begs the question, of who is behind this organization that has the ability to organize such a large group of diversified protesters, within such a short period of time? Answer.. George Soros. Yes, the same George Soros who funded the Ferguson Riots.

What does this group, and George Soros get out of holding large protests, such as the one at the Trump rally in Chicago? In this particular instance, the goal is winning the White House. Indeed, it is critical for the ‘establishment’, the ‘elite’, as they are often referred to, to stop Donald Trump, as they can not afford for an ‘outsider’ to infiltrate their ranks.

Republican candidate, Donald J Trump, threatens to do this very thing, and this has caused a blind state of panic within both the Democratic and Republican parties. World leaders, such as the Pope, have become more than a little interested in the happenings of the 2016 election cycle. Some may ask, why? I have never heard it explained better, than in this article and video .   After reading the article and watching the video, you will realize just how large the stakes are, and why, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and, indeed, George Soros, must stop Donald Trump from being elected, any cost.

Following the large protest in Chicago, there was a very alarming incident at another rally, in which Tommy DiMassimo, rushed the stage, within feet of the republican front-runner, Donald Trump, as he was speaking to a crowd of thousands of supporters:

Why would Mr. DiMassimo, risk his own safety, indeed, his own life, to commit such an act as self-destructive as this? To find the answer to this question, one must take a look at who and what DiMassimo is.

American Patriots found it abhorrent that Mr. DiMassimo disrespected the American Flag, by dragging it thru the streets and defiantly standing upon it, when the vast majority of American’s are offended, and believe that it is wrong for this flag, to ever touch the ground. Certainly, the many veterans who have fought, bled and died for our freedom were highly disturbed by this blatant act of disrespect for the most recognized symbol of freedom, in the world.

The political pundits, newscaster’s, reporter’s and, indeed, even the other three candidates running on the Republican party, along with the two candidates running on the Democratic ticket, have all had an opinion as to what these public acts of protest and open defiance were all about. They have pointed the finger at Donald Trump, whose rally was cancelled due to protests, and whose personal safety has been threatened, as being responsible for these irresponsible acts.

Really? Since when is the victim, also the perpetrator? This is like saying that a rape victim is at fault, because she was raped. Or, a victim of homicide, is responsible because they were murdered. Please! Let us all call it what it is. Terrorism.

Incredible that a country, who has defended the oppressed and fought against terrorism for other countries, is now facing the same horrible, unforgiving monster in it’s own home land. Who is being terrorized, and why?

We The People are being terrorized, in an effort to keep us from the voting booth. In order to keep our voices from being heard. The ‘elite’, the ‘establishment’ can not risk our vote being cast, and the much feared Donald Trump, being elected.

When will it end? Or, will it end? It is up to the American People, to stand up, and resist tyranny. Resist terrorism. The United States has encouraged other countries to do this, and, now? It is our turn. We The People, must not be intimidated. We must not be oppressed, and our voices must not be suppressed. We must all unite, and stand together. It is imperative that we not be silent, indeed, we must roar! Let our voices be heard, from sea to shining sea, across the lands.. we must be the example for all the oppressed, whose voices have been silenced by the elite, by the George Soros of the world.

United We Stand, divided.. we fall.