Donald Trump Wins the Florida Primary and the Winner Take All 99 Delegates


There are YUUUUUGE celebrations going on today!

Donald Trump has pulled off an impressive win in the Florida State Primary today. Many people didn’t think he could do it because of all of the media propaganda stating that Donald Trump is squarely against Hispanics.  Anyone that knows anything about Florida knows that it has not only a high Cuban population but Hispanic as well.   The results of this race prove that Hispanics are not buying into the media narrative that Donald Trump is against Hispanics!

There were many other hurdles to overcome other than just the media for Donald Trump to pull off this kind of win in Florida today.  We had reports of Donald Trump’s name not even showing up on ballots in some precincts.  We had reports of precincts running out of ballots and turning people away. But in spite of the media, the name being omitted on ballots and the ballot shortages, Mr Trump took it home for a strong win in Florida!

Here are the final results of the Florida Primary:

Trump 1,075,094 45.8% 99
Rubio 635,024 27% 0
Cruz 402,479 17.1% 0
Kasich 158,955 6.8% 0