Donald Trump Wins Illinois Primary – Chicago Must Want Their Jobs AND Their Streets Back


Thanks to the fine people in Illinois, Donald Trump won the Presidential State Primary election by a fairly large margin today!

Donald Trump’s win in Illinois probably came as a shock to many because of the incidents that happened this past weekend, Saturday March 12.

On Saturday of last week Donald Trump was scheduled to speak at a rally in Chicago to thousands of Trump supporters who had waiting in line for hours. However, that rally was cancelled due to riots from far left groups such as and Bernie Sanders supporters.

The other candidates did not really help themselves to a win in Illinois, especially opportunist Ted Cruz, by blaming the riots and violence on Donald Trump instead of the far left groups and rioters that were actually at fault.  Ted Cruz visibly lost a lot of support that night.  Jan Morgan, an NRA instructor officially revoked her endorsement of Cruz.  Ted Cruz also lost a lot of support from Police officers that night because of his stance of actually encouraging and justifying the behavior of the far left groups when police officers were injured in those riots.  Even Judge Jeannine and Ted Cruz’s facebook supporters publicly ripped him “a new one”.

The results of this election, in the face of the events of last Saturday speak volumes to the fact that the people of Illinois not only want their jobs back, but their streets back too!

The results of the election are below:

Trump 38.8% 548,528 24
Cruz 30.3% 428,363 0
Kasich 19.7% 278,244 0
Rubio 8.7% 122,206 0