Politicians Burning Down the House with Unfair Free Trade

America is our home and it is being burned to the ground by politicians and their crony campaign contributors in the name of free trade. I’m sorry Ohio, but what is wrong with you voting for John Kasich?  Ohio has lost good paying manufacturing jobs thanks to NAFTA and John Kasich voted for it! Public Citizen, a Washington-based think tank founded by Ralph Nader, claims Ohio has lost more than 307,000 manufacturing jobs, one out of three thanks to NAFTA and the WTO. In South Carolina ⅓ of the manufacturing jobs have been lost. NAFTA made outsourcing jobs easy.

John Kasich and Ted Cruz also supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Due to trade with TPP countries Ohio lost 112,500 jobs in 2015.  The Economic Policy Institute reports the “Currency manipulation is one of the key driving forces behind the high and rapidly rising U.S. trade deficit with the 11 other members of the TPP. In 2015, the U.S. deficit with TPP countries translated into 2 million U.S. jobs lost, more than half (1.1 million) of which were in manufacturing. Without such provisions against currency manipulation, the TPP could well follow other trade agreements and leave even greater U.S. trade deficits in its wake.”

Ted Cruz “voted to continue to allow the illicit trading practice of currency manipulation”.

John Kasich, Ted Cruz are funded by globalists who have no allegiance to our people or our country. Unfair free trade is crony capitalism at its worst. Ted Cruz was endorsed by the establishment mouthpiece The National Review who wrote White Working Class Communities Deserve To Die. This was reminiscent of Barack Obama’s adviser, Robert Reich, who said no jobs for white male construction workers.  As Donald Trump’s adviser, Steven Miller said, a vote for Ted Cruz is a vote to offshore American jobs.

At the same time as they are outsourcing our jobs, our country is being flooded with immigrants, both legal and illegal. To add insult to injury, you are picking up the tab as immigration redistributes a half a trillion dollars each year from workers to employers. The globalist’s and their puppet politicians have all but turned us into a service economy. If we continue at this rate there will only be two classes, the rich and the poor. Since its peak at $57,843 in 1999, real median household income in the United States has fallen 7.2%.  We cannot continue to have free trade with nations that are not held to the same standards as the United States to do so is suicide.

The very idea of a service economy being sustainable for much longer is idiotic, it’s a snake eating its own tail. Say’s Law was articulated in one of the earliest commentaries on Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations“. Wealth is created at the point of production, when you make a product worth more than the parts and labor that went into it. Sales are just a wealth transfer, of that new wealth for existing wealth.

Wealth is not permanent, and suffers from shrinkage through obsolescence, wear and tear, accidental destruction, and other factors. An economy geared entirely around service jobs creates very little wealth, but wealth still leaves the system. Our shrinking middle class cannot continue to afford a bloated bureaucracy and a burgeoning welfare state, created in part by trade agreements culminating in the loss of decent jobs.  If you’re endlessly redistributing an insufficient and ever-shrinking pool, the system eventually collapses.

Our society is also losing wealth at an alarming rate through the trade deficit. If we don’t go back to a balanced or manufacturing-driven economy and close the trade gap, we’re on our way to being a third world country, and it’s only a matter of time. Wealth only comes from productive industries such as manufacturing and agriculture. A vote for either Kasich or Cruz is a vote for your own destruction, make the American middle class matter again, by voting for Donald Trump.  Trump is right on trade.