Step By Step Guide – How to Prevent Delegate Sabotage and Secure a Trump Nomination


This step by step guide was created and donated by a user over at reddit thatswhatshisaid . I find it interesting that this user said that the inspiration to this guide was a tweet that I also found highly disturbing!

I’ve made several posts about this before and none of them have ever made it to the front page (except 1 which was stickied for like 2 days), nor do I think people have taken it seriously, and I think this needs a lot more attention. I’m going to keep making posts like these until this topic gets enough attention, because this is how Trump would lose the nomination. Fuck phonebanking, fuck facebanking, fuck memes. This is what we need to do to prevent the Establishment from winning.

For those of you who are relatively unfamiliar on how delegates work, let me give you a crash course. Basically, Trump needs 1237 pledged delegates to win the nomination at the RNC. Depending on the state and how well he does, he gets a certain number of delegates from that state that are “pledged” to him, meaning that when the RNC convenes, they all are forced to vote for him on the first ballot.

If nobody has the magic number of 1237, then all delegates are released from their pledge and can vote for whoever they want on the second ballot. This is known as a Brokered Convention. The problem is that Trump does not decide who becomes his delegates. This means that the delegates that are pledged to Trump could very well be Cruzbots or other Establishment Shills. With enough Shills being pledged delegates for Trump, if Trump does not get 1237, even if he has the most number of delegates, he can and probably will lose the nomination to an Establishment Shill.

In essence, voting is not enough. We all need to get involved in the delegate nomination process. So what can you do?

Step 1 :  Watch this video on what Delegates are

Step 2: Use this website and click on your State Republican Primary. It will have the date of the conventions in which you eventually elect delegates to the RNC.

Step 3: Use Google and find out when and where your conventions are (currently there is no central source for this information). They can usually be found on your State GOP website. If you can’t find it on the Internet, call the Elections Office of your county or precinct. NOTE: When you do find this information for your state/county/precinct, please post the details in this thread so others will know!

Step 4 : After voting in your state primary, bring every NIMBLE NAVIGATOR you know, attend these conventions, and either become a delegate or vote for a confirmed NIMBLE NAVIGATOR to be a delegate. Beware of potential RATS and LIARS that pose as Trump supporters. We need true Trump supporters to be his pledged delegates, but we can also use Trump supporters to be pledged delegates for other candidates. Again, why do we want this? Because if there is a brokered convention, all pledged delegates are released to vote for whoever they want. This means even a pledged Cruz delegate can vote for Trump on the 2nd ballot!

Step 5 : Secure the nomination!


  • WEST M.Ed.

    Not the way it works in CA. Candidate Campaign picks the Delegates (3 from each winning Congressional District).

    • Miss Annie

      Thanks for letting us know! I think a lot of states are different. I just don’t have the run down on each state. I think in NH the Candidate Campaign picks the delegates as well. I know in other states it works as above though.