Trump, Republicanism, vs. Conservatism

Throughout this Presidential 2016 election, I have heard the word ‘conservatism’ tossed about on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis. And, frankly, enough is enough!

How many times have you heard the statement that “Donald Trump, is not a conservative.”  Or, how about, ” Donald Trump’s lack of conservatism is dangerous for the party.”  Even worse, “I will not support Donald Trump, because he is not a conservative!”

Although, conservatism, has been touted as being the single, most important ideal that a Republican must embrace, in order to be perceived, as a true Republican, this has not always been the case.

When the original Republican party was founded, in 1854, it was under the concept of republicanism.  This has been replaced by the concept ofconservatism. So, when one examines a candidates worthiness, should one judge a Republican candidate for their republicanism or for their conservatism?

Contrary to popular belief, the two are not based on the same ideals, yet the GOP (Grand Old Party) is ignoring the concept of republicanism and embracing conservatism.  Indeed, ignoring the concept of republicanism to the point of alienating the most viable candidate that the Republican party has had in decades!

I have studied Donald J. Trump in-depth, his policy stance on trade, immigration, tax reform, etc., as well as his patriotism, and, I am finding that this candidate can not be easily placed into either of these categories, exclusively, rather, he is made up of both a strong sense of republicanism as well as conservatism.  I believe that Mr. Trump represents the best of both ideologies. Combine his ideology with his patriotism and I believe that we have a candidate who will serve America and We The People well.

The Grand Old Party is on the verge of alienating true patriots, who share the same ideology of Mr. Trump and this is very dangerous for not only the republican party, but, for America, as a whole.

It may very well be time that someone informs the ‘party’ that they have become consumed with conservatism, ignoring republicanism and thereby, alienating patriotism.