Tea Party Co-Founder : Trump is an extension of the tea party


On March 13th, Debbie Dooley, a co-founder of the national tea party movement, wrote an open letter to Senator Ted Cruz asking for an apology. She was upset that he had joined up with progressives and establishment elites.  A few nights ago she tweeted Trump is an extension of the tea party. Here are the highlights of the article.

Always a bit of a rebel, Debbie Dooley was so frustrated in 2009 over bank bailouts and stimulus packages that she threw herself into organizing Atlanta’s first tea party rally.

Today, the daughter of a Southern preacher has shifted her energy and passion into electing Donald Trump as the latest Washington outsider to shake up the status quo.

No matter that many of Trump’s policies stray from the tea party’s original small-government ideals. The tough-talking billionaire ignites that same anti-establishment fervor that fired up many tea party foot soldiers like Dooley.

In the process, Trump has recast their earlier champions — namely tea party darling Sen.Ted Cruz — as disappointing outsiders-turned-insiders who cater to corporate donors and fail to deliver on big promises.

“The support for Trump is not only a screw-you to the Republican establishment, it’s a screw-you to the conservative establishment,” said Dooley, 57, an energy consultant. “[People] are sick and tired of the same old, same old — just money corrupting the political process. They work hard, they vote for elected officials and they expect them to keep their promises.”

The article then describes a split in the tea party between those who support Ted Cruz and those who support Donald Trump. It discusses the Libertarian component of the party and free trade (see where they stand on trade at our link). More highlights from Debbie Dooley.

“I don’t see Ted Cruz being a job creator,” Dooley said.

Dooley also said “she’s fed up with both the GOP establishment and big-dollar Washington donors telling people what to think.”  She finished up by saying “They look down their noses on average people in the grass roots,” she said. “They think they’re the only ones who can define conservatism.”

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