Got News : BUSTED : Erick Erickson’s Website Caught Taking Paul Singer Money to Bash Trump has released a block buster report showing that Erick Erickson’s website, The Resurgent, has been taking money from Paul Singer.  The report is below:

Pundit Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent website got 10K from anti-Trump, Paul Singer-funded Our Principle PAC in their latest FEC reported, can report.

The funding from the neoconservative billionaire wasn’t disclosed to Erickson’s readers at the new venture.


Singer, who is a pro-gay marriage establishment billionaire, was one of the major financial donors for Marco Rubio. Singer is also a major supporter of National Review which was dispensing the #NeverTrump at CPAC.

Singer reportedly also backed an independent expenditure  targeting Cruz on national security grounds.

Erickson waited until the last minute to endorse Cruz…something that also would have suited Singer’s interests.

Erickson even floated rumors of a Cruz and Rubio alliance.

But there was never any evidence of a Cruz-Rubio alliance. The two men have hated each other since Rubio declined to endorse Cruz in 2012. editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson met with Erickson in 2014 in Atlanta. We discussed how Singer offered millions to buy In the end the site was purchased by Salem.

One of the more interesting political phenomenon this cycle has been how ineffective money had been. Ad money has more or less been wasted on TV radio. The more they attack Trump, the higher his numbers seem to go.

Money spent online is less clear because we don’t really know how much is floating around. Online advertising rates have plummeted since 2008 and some sites are looking to other revenue streams. discloses its pro-Cruz bent (not bias!) but has tried to be fair to all the candidates, except Marco Rubio who is a fraud. is reader supported. If you’d like to donate or support us here‘s the donate link.

Erickson has also been breaking news of a donor funded anti-Trump summit on his website. But given Erickson’s financial benefit how objective can he be?

We contacted Erickson to find out if he had received any more money from Singer and we will update this post accordingly when he chooses to answer.

We’re also told that Glenn Beck’s property, The Blaze, has been receiving PAC money too. Find out and we’ll reward you. Email us at

  • MPAcosta

    Dirty politics at their finest… What a serious bunch of losers, scared to death of Trump, makes us want him even more…no more lifetime politicians, lobbyists and leaches need to go. God bless America and Donald Trump!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      The GOP establishment, the Liberal establishment (aka the Uniparty) and their crony’s would do anything to stop the government gravy train from ending. Erick Erickson even said he would vote for Hillary.

      • Miss Annie

        omg….. that pic is priceless! LOL

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