Herman Cain : Enough with the ‘Secret Conservative Meetings’ to Stop Trump


Your betters can’t control you, and they’re in panic mode about it.

The Republican Party and the conservative movement – which are not necessarily the same thing – share the same problem at the moment. They can’t seem to control the people. And they’re convinced that if they don’t find a way, it will lead to their demise.

That’s the only way to explain the desperate “secret meetings” we keep hearing about, all designed to find a way to stop Donald Trump’s march to the Republican presidential nomination. Apparently no amount of hectoring from National Review or the GOP establishment have dissuaded primary voters from supporting Trump in primaries all across the country.

So I guess our betters have decided it will be necessary to develop some sort of clandestine strategy that will save themselves and the rest of us from the horrors of a Trump nomination.

Let’s be clear about a couple of things here: I know there are some genuine concerns based on polls that Trump would not run as well against Hillary as other candidates remaining in the race. But a lot of this has to do with the establishment’s fear that they can’t control Trump. It’s the same reason you’ve seen so much reluctance among Beltway types to get behind Ted Cruz as the seemingly obvious alternative for the #NeverTrump people.

The fundamental problem, though, is the massive disconnect between the political class and the people. That’s why you see massive numbers of people doing one thing and the political class in Washington holding secret meetings in search of a way to stop them. This really isn’t even about Donald Trump. He’s just the conduit for what’s happening. It’s really about the fact that the people do not trust party or political leaders, and do not believe they are interested in their concerns.

There are a lot of examples that demonstrate this. Ordinary citizens recognize that we need to stop running up debt immediately. The political class shows no urgency whatsoever to do this. Ordinary citizens can tell you horror stories about the mess that is the tax code and the awful experience of dealing with the IRS. The political class is content to tinker at the edges but make no real serious changes. Ordinary citizens recognize that we need to do more to exploit our own domestic energy resources, while the political class cancels drilling leases and threatens to shut down coal mining companies.

So the voters are looking for someone who won’t just talk about changing all this, but who shows the fire and the nerve to actually do it. It’s true that Trump doesn’t have a long history as a conservative, but of those who do, when have any of them made progress on these points? They haven’t. So the people have stopped trusting the political class in large numbers, and that represents a threat that goes far beyond who might win the 2016 presidential election. If the political class can no longer present the public with a limited series of options and have the public simply swallow these options, then much of the political class’s power has been destroyed.

When that happens, it’s panic time. What Trump has done is shown the way to ignore all the pundits, ignore all the consultants, refuse to play the game of the mainstream media – and still have success. When others realize this is possible, it’s game-over for the people who usually control the terms of the debate.

So here’s a better idea: Instead of having secret meetings to thwart the will of the people, how about coming up with a way to actually address their concerns. Because if the political class had any interest in doing that, I don’t think Donald Trump would be winning. In fact, I doubt he would even be running. There’d be no need for him to do so.

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First reported by Herman Cain at CainTV

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  • Chris Weaver

    What about the quasi secrete meeting between trump and the Establishment…. like the one on Monday????

    Trumpers are the kids who dropped out of school but still hung out with
    those who did not… they are tag-alongs to the Tea Party.
    They never got the full lessons, never learned to spot RINOs and their red flags,
    never took or completed a Hilsdale Constitution course…. they simply
    got caught up on the way to the ball game and learned just enough to
    pick next season’s winner based on the aura of the quarterback alone.

    They showed up at the tail gating party with no hot dogs or beer, but
    plenty of Rah Rah (emotion)…. and now they are experts. They know
    nothing of the team, nothing of the plays or the strengths…. they just
    want the 3rd string quarterback to be given the ball because he made
    them feel welcomed when they got to the parking lot.

  • Julian B Duron

    Then pray Trump wins enough Delegates to take nomination outright! If he does not! All bets are off and it is “POLITICS” at Convention as usual! Tough FECES if anyone does not like the way the Convention has been run historically! Trump does not win enough Delegates he better get ready to PUCKER UP or bend over because it is he that will be getting SCREWED! If Trump wins the GOP nomination the GOP Nominated a 3rd Generation Lifelong Democrat !

    • Elizabeth

      I hope WHO ever messes with Donald Trump get your ass kicked GOP better get off their ass and leave Donald Trump alone we the people have voted for him and he will be our next president John made him sign a pledge that he would not go to a third party well no one else is going to a third party party either we are the United States citizens we have a right to vote and we have voted for who we want and if you do not put the person in the white house that we vote for all hell will break loose I don’t forget you okay the public is also the one that put your asses in office and we can take your asses out you can take the line Ted Cruz with you and Hillary the biggest killer and thief in the world with you we are tired of being pushed around stepped on and walked all over white and black we are taking our land back and we’re going to make her strong again together we stand Together We Unite white and black life matter 2 and we are going to take our country back we are going to make our country strong again and Donald Trump will be our next president and we need to impeach Obama because he has done nothing for our country but make up a lot of this crazy around the world it’s time for us brothers and sisters to stand together and unite as one big family and go after all Isis Save Our Land do not let ISIS come over here and destroy us we have to stand up against the radical Muslim and Isis and join hands with our brothers and sisters around the world and take our country back I pray for all of you God bless all of you and everyone don’t forget to give thanks to the Holy Father for giving us Jesus for dying on the cross for us we need to all stop being evil and thank God that we are alive and healthy and we need to stand together and take our country back happy Easter God bless everyone please vote for Donald Trump and do not let GOP get away with anything

  • ZeroHedges

    Yes I love you Herman Cain keep fighting for the voice of the people to be heard. Trump will bring in voters that the fake conservative puppets could never dream of getting. These so called general election polls do not reflect reality and exclude the independents he is bringing in that the Republicans desperately need. He is the only Republican that could ever hope to win new York.

  • shtstr

    here is the true bottom line; corporate political donations and lobbying. ALL of congress are in the pocket of multi-national corporations who fund their campaigns, period. they don’t care at all what is good for the country and the citizens, just what is good for themselves.