Mark Levin Aligns with George Soros to Target/Blacklist Phyllis Schlafly and Other Donald Trump Endorsers


When candidate Donald Trump announced his candidacy to run for President last year we knew immediately there would be a seismic shift in the political landscape.  Those who have followed politics in the last 8+ years suspected the 2016 race would inevitably boil down to Globalists -vs- U.S. Nationalists.

However, with the introduction of Mark Levin’s Conservative Review publishing a target list of those they don’t agree with, we have officially entered the realm of the absurd.  The collective ‘conservative‘ ilk within the punditry class have assembled their fascist blacklist(s) to target their opposition – and it’s not leftists, it’s us.

I doubt there has ever been a time when we have laughed so heartedly.


Too many years decades of Wall Street’s influence over legislative priorities are clearly evident for anyone not to anticipate the professional political class would view any America-First candidate as a threat to their financial motivations.  But to see the apoplectic reactions from those within the corporate conservative media is, well, pure delicious sunlight.

Amanda Carpenter (aka Mark Levin – Conservative Review) has put together their version of the “Blacklist”.   Matt Walsh (aka Glenn Beck – The Blaze) has assembled even more.   RedState’s Ben Howe joins the giddy little fascists too.

Notable names include: Senator Jeff Sessions, Phyllis Schlafly, Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpiao, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Steve Forbes, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge and Jerry Falwell Jr.

Oh my.

As Sarah Palin writes today on Facebook:

[…]  This Primary election has sifted out the self-appointed movers and shakers in the GOP who are up to no good, thanks to Donald Trump’s campaign exposing unprincipled politicos’ true agenda. For as much as these politicians, pundits, consultants, and “conservative” media types rant, rave and pontificate, there’s no denying they really don’t care who wins elections as long as they keep their perks, titles, ratings, and invites to their pal’s preachin’-to-the-choir venues.

More Americans now find out these folks are really good at using and abusing their audiences and supporters. I know personally that when it benefited their elections, their fundraisers, their poll numbers, careers and connections, they sure agreed with my conservative politics.

For nearly a decade they’ve requested my endorsement, my social media shout-outs, my pro bono consulting and advice, and as much in-person support as my time allowed me to give them. They were either lying then, or they’re lying now about my judgment creds. I’ve never asked any of them for anything in return (they can all testify to that) except their integrity to shine. You’d think that at least in my respecting their right to endorse whichever Presidential candidate they choose, they’d reciprocate and simply respect my right to endorse a commonsense conservative Republican who just happens to not be top of their list.  (read more)

Yep, what Sarah Palin is describing is exactly what we have termed “Battered Conservative Syndrome”.

Unfortunately for the abusers, they are now reduced to creating lists in their pathetic attempt to retain their own relevance.  The more they thrash around, stomp their feet, and gnash their horrible teeth, they are increasingly finding themselves diminished by their insufferable Moonbattery.

Co-Dependent No More !

The “blacklisted” Rebel Alliance is Growing Daily.


First reported by The Conservative Treehouse

  • Cat Hughes

    I tried to tell people Levin was a paid liar when he went on that bizarre rant about Cruz being eligible because of a repealed 1790 naturalization act. He even said at 18 seconds into that rant he FLAT OUT SAID Cruz was “naturalized”. That he even has listeners tell us how brainwashed people are.
    He’s an allowed pressure valve by the globalist’s media – he’s supposed to gain our trust by aligning with us, then he’s supposed to tell us who to align with – cuz he totally “gets” us and he IS a “constitutional expert”. Trump needs to follow through and get a declaratory judgement from Supreme court on Cruz’s eligibility. They have NEVER cited someone born abroad has natural born citizenship. They have said it’s a citizenship they have no constitutional right to. They have said because congress was only given powers for “uniform naturalization laws” anyone who’s citizenship is due to a congressional act is a naturalized citizen.

    • Miss Annie

      You are absolutely right. It has been a roller coaster ride though, I will say that. When Trump first announced his run, I was a Levin fan. I would have NEVER guessed he was one of the paid shills. This election has had the effect of laying bare everyone’s alliances and affiliations for all to see – if they are willing to see.
      It has reminded me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!

      • Iamacitizen2

        I agree with you Miss Annie 100% I wrote a long article come back to this post and it will help explain how we all feel. God bless don’t give up!!!

  • joan de freitas

    seems like mark levin, soros and all the other beetle dung dont know what it means by THE PEOPLES VOTE FOR A NEW LEADER OF AMERICA..the american people have spoken you bunch of A…HOLES…

  • TJ


  • Iamacitizen2

    Thinking out loud here….

    If the US Federal Government is an offshore (entity)
    Corporation and the United States “for” America (all 50 States, and not 57 as
    was stated by O which has to do with the Koran…major mistake O) as well as the
    BLM and maybe even more branches are as well, is an offshore entity then why in
    the world do the “50” States have to take orders from an offshore corporation(s)???

    Why does the United States “for” America have to pay
    attention to the CEO of the offshore “foreign” Corporation (i.e. O) and his
    executive orders??? No wonder O said at
    age 16 to the postman (at Bill Ayers home where he was living) that “one day he
    was going to be president!!! Go figure
    that he was given that CEO position by the (you guessed it) US Corporation, an
    offshore foreign entity as promised!!!

    Why does the United States “for” America citizens have to
    pay ANY taxes, (i.e. social security, federal income tax, highway taxes, etc.)
    at all to a ROGUE offshore “foreign” Corporation???

    Why doesn’t the Convention of States (37 or 38)of these
    United States “for” American TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY to what the ORIGINAL FOUNDER’S
    “created it to be” and SET ASIDE a FOREIGN ROGUE ENTITY called the US

    Why is there a House of Representatives and the Senate being
    allowed to create and pass laws (who are bought and owned and paid by the US
    Corporation…an offshore foreign entity!!!

    Why are Federal Judges and SCOTUS (who are paid by the US
    Corp…an offshore foreign entity) allowed to sit as judges and dictate law to
    United States “for” American citizens???

    Why is the IRS (paid by the offshore foreign entity – the US
    Corporation) allowed to collect federal government taxes from we the people
    whom our ancestors originally created the UNITED STATES “FOR” AMERICA and NOT
    some foreign offshore entity corporation.

    Why does the United States “for” America NOT take back their
    TRUE NORTH…a/k/a our original Constitution, Bill of Rights, Emancipation
    Proclamation and our Declaration of Independence???

    Why doesn’t Mr. Trump run for the President of the original
    United States “for” America and NOT the offshore foreign entity, the “ US
    Corporation”??? Gosh and just think Mr.Trump you wouldn’t need a faux endorsement

    from Paul Ryan in the form of his voting for you in November 2016. Now if
    you believe that Mr. Trump I have a swamp in N.Y. I would love to sell you for
    your next project, LOL.

    All of the above comments are just my opinion and thinking
    out loud…and I am wondering are any of my questions or comments on anybody else’s
    minds? They should be.

    Why does ANY United States “for” America use digital voting
    machines (partially owned from what I read by Mitten’s sons and tallied
    offshore in Spain in 2012) by a company supposedly owned by…you guessed it
    George Soros. I could never figure out why a Presidential campaign was certified offshore
    and allowed by the US Corporation (a foreign rogue entity) to be tallied offshore.
    Go figure huh? Personally I am only voting by “Absentee Ballot” for Mr. Trump of course.

    God bless our original United States “for” America.

  • Rodney

    What the Hell is up with Mark Levin…..What a Freaking Hypocrite……..Take it down some Bro….And quit giving the election to the Dems……Remember Ross Perot and the problems he caused. Good Luck You Moron….Now get off my Radio……..!!!!!!

    • Miss Annie

      I tried several times to vote this up, for some reason it wouldn’t let me!