Mischael Modrikamen, President of the People Party (Belgium) Has a Message for America and Donald Trump

Transcript is below:


I fully support Donald Trump. I’m not a professional politician and i also want to  restart to reset our corrupt and inefficient political system here.

America should not become another Brussels. It was once a vibrant and entrepreneurial, joyful, peaceful, city. That was before. Brussels is becoming a
third world city, with a majority Muslim immigrants within 15 to 20 years according to demographic studies. With more than half of them have strong Islamist beliefs as well as anti-semitic prejudices.

In this situation, already worrying, is aggravated by the current migrant crisis with the invasion of Europe that our european leaders failed so far to prevent. Jihadis that have killed a few months ago, a hundred and thirty innocent people in Paris and wounded many more. They came out of them from Brussels.

Mr Trump we have this in common, we speak the truth we name things. Of course the political and media elites will never forgive us for that. But ordinary citizens, the voiceless are not fooled or abused. Mr Trump, make America great again. You are an example for many of us here in Europe

  • SoverignAmerica

    This man is a voice, like a ghost, from the burned out shell of What was once his beautiful, beloved, homeland. I hear him..Do you?

  • Iamacitizen2

    I hear him!!! There’s also a muslim Mayor in Amsterdam that did the same kind of video praising Mr. Trump but these things get hidden of course. I am very glad to see this and this guy is wonderful for sure.