Immigration Hard Liner Lou Barletta Endorses Donald Trump

Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta has endorsed Donald Trump for President and is hoping others will as well. When making his announcement he decried the GOP establishments attempts to stop Trump.

“Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta endorsed Donald Trump on Tuesday, and said he hopes “establishment” Republicans will give up efforts to spoil his efforts to clinch the GOP nomination.

In an interview with POLITICO, Barletta, who is known for his own hardline immigration stances, said some of his GOP colleagues had pressured him to not publicly support the real estate mogul. But he said they are wrong to not embrace the impact Trump is having on their party.

“I wish that the establishment, instead of trying to stop Trump, you know, would look at why he’s so popular and coalesce around him so that it’s one team in November. Donald Trump is bringing a record amount of Democrats and independents…we should embrace that,” Barletta said. “I like that he is willing to stand up and fight for the American people and as I did as mayor.”

Representative Barletta is correct. Trump is drawing in Democrats and Independents in large numbers. Barletta has an A+ rating from Numbers USA, a well-known group for lower immigration levels.

Barletta said he does not have a relationship with Trump or his campaign, saying he has never spoken with the billionaire mogul nor was he invited to a closed session of lawmakers on Monday on Capitol Hill that was hosted by him.

But after spending months quietly watching as Trump stood by his proposals to build a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country, Barletta said he felt compelled to sign on and assist his efforts.

“He caught my attention immediately when he highlighted illegal immigration and the open Southern border,” Barletta said. “The fact that he didn’t back down, well, he was criticized the same way I was as mayor. It was reminiscent of what I went through.”

“I’ve been called names, a racist and a bigot,” he added. “I fought my case all the way to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump will fight his case all the way to the White House.”