Cruz Pushed to Expand Immigration Including Muslims

In 2014 Ted Cruz was all for bringing in Syrian refugee’s claiming they could be vetted. This video is from Senator Cruz’s website.

“We have welcomed refugees — the tired, huddled masses — for centuries. That’s been the history of the United States,” and “We should continue to do so.” He added: “We have to continue to be vigilant to make sure those coming are not affiliated with the terrorists, but we can do that.”

Meanwhile Ted’s desire to increase the number of Visa’s was great. He offered four amendments (1324132615861587), to expand the number of employment based green cards to over a million annually.

Cruz offered an additional two amendments (1325 and 1585) to increase the number of H-1B visas issued annually to 325,000 while S. 744 allowed an upward bound of 180,000 annually. Amendment 1587 also increased the number of H-1B visas and green cards.  

Senator Cruz’s amendments would have also allowed the spouses of all H-1B visa holders to work legally – going beyond President Obama’s actions to increase work eligibility for those spouses.”

“As Breitbart News has previously reported, the H-1B visa is a direct pipeline for Muslim migration.According to State Department data, in 2014 the U.S. admitted over 4,000 migrants from Muslim-majority countries on H-1B visas, plus an extra 108,000 H-1B migrants from India. If the demographics of the employment visas match the demographics of the country, this would mean that more than 15,000 H-1B visas went to Muslim Indians (14% of 108,000)—meaning that in fiscal year 2014, the U.S. likely issued around 19,000 H-1B visas to Muslim foreign workers.

Reports have documented the unique challenges posed to the nation by trying to integrate large flows of unassimilated Muslim migrants. A September 2015 Congressional report found that Minnesota, which has the largest Somali population in the country, also has the largest number of radicalized individuals who have attempted to take up arms and join ISIS in the fight against the West.”

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris Donald Trump called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. Ted Cruz only called for a temporary shutdown of Muslim immigration from Islamic State Nations.

After the most recent terrorist attack in Brussels, Trump once again called for closing our borders to Muslim immigration. Cruz called for the police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods and halting the flow from countries with a significant ISIS or al-Qaeda presence.  With the Cruz plan we would end up spending billions for additional policing because of the policies he supported in the first place. With the Cruz plan we wouldn’t be any safer since an extremist Muslim could still come from a country without a large ISIS or al-Qaeda presence.