Yes, Unfortunately Ted Cruz Did Support Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal (TPA) – Video


Senator Ted Cruz relies on two essential political elements to keep his “conservative” ruse afloat. The first is that people don’t follow “unanimous consent” passages in the Senate; the second is that people don’t follow “cloture votes” – Both of which are never recorded“roll call votes”, and allow candidates to obscure their intent and later claim a counter position.

It’s a good trick, and indeed fools almost everyone.  Unless, that is, you’re tracking them while they occur…

Red Circled Candidates All Support Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP)


CASE IN POINT – HR2146 (TPA “Trade Promotion Authority” or “Fast Track”): This House Bill #2146 originating April 30th ’15, became the vehicle for passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

HR2146 was originally introduced in the House of Representatives as a bill to address issues with retirement funds of federal law enforcement officers and firefighters.

BACKSTORY – In the beginning of the congressional session, with Republicans now in control of both the House and Senate, in Feb-March-April of 2015,  Senator Ted Cruz and House Ways and Means Chairman, Representative Paul Ryan, supported Trade Promotion Authority being added to HR2146.

Their support was most notable when they posted the following Op-Ed which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on April 22nd:



On May 12th HR2146 passed/agreed to in House: On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended. Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 407 – 5 (Roll no. 220). (text: CR H2848)

The bill passed the house 407-5 because it was not controversial. It was simply a bill for benefits toward LEO and Firefighters retirement funds.

However, as planned, on June 4th 2015, the senate passed the house bill “with changes”.  The Trade-Deal was added and notably included an amendment “adding TPA” (thanks to Ted Cruz) and TAA (needed for Elizabeth Warren coalition) By unanimous consentthereby avoiding a roll vote on record.

On June 18, 2015 the House accepted the TPA change (Paul Ryan spearhead) and removed TAA (the financial assistance package for training of union workers – this angered the Pelosi Dems).  The Senate Democrats, who generally oppose TPP were hoodwinked – TAA was never originally going to be allowed.

The Democrats in the Senate were furious.  They turned to Nancy Pelosi for help in getting the entire fiasco eliminated.  However, the White House (Obama Inc) supported the entire construct of the TPP.   Pelosi had to be arm twisted by the White House to go along with HR2146 with TAA spending removed – she acquiesced to President Obama.

Without TAA HR2146 passed again in the House, only this time with a much closer vote of 218-208, and went back to the Senate to resolve differences. (Remember because of the way it was constructed, the only difference was the removal of TAA – the training spending)

On June 24th HR2146 (TPA without TAA) Then passed the Senate (Ted Cruz did not attempt to block or filibuster because this was the original plan all along). The bill passed in the Senate 60-38 (3/5ths passage rule).

President Obama now had “fast track trade authorization” to complete the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal and thanks to Ted Cruz Obama only needed 51 votes to pass it.

On June 29th Obama signed TPP agreement with Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and HR2146 became law.


Senator Ted Cruz voted for Cloture on TPA Fast track trade authority removing the hurdle and concern of further amendments and clearing the way for passage. Again, like “unanimous consent” cloture votes are not recorded roll call votes. Thereby Ted Cruz could obfuscate his support. He figured to hide, see how that works?

However, Cruz advocacy could not be hidden entirely. On another bill HR 1314 Cruz voted against an amendment to the Trade Deal that would require congress to be consulted if China (or other nations) were to join after the fact:

Senate Amendment 1251 “To require the approval of Congress before additional countries may join the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement”…

Cruz voted NAY. Directly saying he did not want congress to be consulted before other countries, namely CHINA, could join TPP.

♦ Notice during November’s debate Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were saying China is not part of TPP; contrast their voices against Donald Trump who was honestly saying TPP carries a backdoor for China (and Russia) to join.

NOVEMBER 4th – In an interview with Russian interstate channel Mir TV, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry invited China and Russia to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

“We invite people to come join other initiatives, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. We welcome China, we welcome Russia, we welcome other countries who would like to join, as long as they want to raise the standards and live up to the highest standards of protecting people and doing business openly and transparently and accountably,” said Secretary Kerry. (read more) State Dept Link HERE

Donald Trump was entirely correct. Senator Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were factually incorrect.  They were not incorrect by accident, but rather by complicit ideology.

BOTTOM LINE –  It might hurt Cruz supporters to admit what took place, and worse – to accept the transparency of motive behind what drove his decision making; but it makes no sense at all to ignore the truth of what took place.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is part of the Wall Street purchased construct that is currently infecting our entire body politic. The connections to the U.S. CoC legislative agenda, and Goldman Sachs are evident within action not words, along with KtP and obviously his wife Heidi Cruz  [ employed by Goldman Sachs, and adviser to Council on Foreign Relations].

In the video below Ted Cruz Explains why he supports (TPA) Trade Promotion Authority:

@01:56 “I support TPA” ~ Ted Cruz

Don’t pay attention to what Cruz says, pay closer attention to what Cruz does !!


First reported by The Conservative Treehouse