Ted Cruz is Trying to Steal the Election

Ted Cruz is trying to clinch the nomination through the use of Cruz favoring delegates in an attempt to steal the election. The majority of people want the party to unite behind Donald Trump, even if he does not reach 1,237 delegates.

“Kevin Bray, a Trump supporter and volunteer in Missouri, tells Breitbart News he learned of Cruz campaign volunteers’ plan to send delegates from Missouri that are favorable to Cruz to the national convention in hopes that the Texas senator could secure the nomination on a second vote.

Bray stressed how militant the Cruz meeting’s leader was, adding, “She was very sincere about making sure that they stacked the deck,” and that, “it was her saying look, ‘This is how we have to accomplish this goal.’”

Bev Ehlen was the woman who led the Cruz volunteer meeting, according to Bray.

Breitbart News reached out to Ehlen and asked if she wished to comment on her remarks.

Ehlen explained to Breitbart News, “We’ve done it for years in caucus, pick candidates that we’ve supported for president. This year; however, it does take on a new meaning because it may actually be a brokered convention.

Bray’s alleged assessment of Cruz’s plan to clinch the GOP nomination is echoed by a recent Politico report, which reports a similar effort is underway in South Dakota.”

On February 29th Ted Cruz said: “A contested convention is the great hope of the Republican establishment, it is how they are drowning away their sorrows. In a contested convention, he continued, mocking the establishment, ‘All these crazy voters go one way, we’ll step in with all of our money and anoint our white knight to ride in and save the day. That’s not going to happen”

“Asked directly whether he was preparing for a contested convention, Cruz replied flatly, “No.”

Well Ted Cruz has about as much of a shot at winning the nomination (without using dirty tricks) as winning the Power Ball Lottery.  But, Ted Cruz is also working on stealing delegates in Louisiana.

“Donald Trump beat Sen. Ted Cruz earlier this month in Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary by 3.6 percentage points, but the Texan may wind up with as many as 10 more delegates from the state than the businessman,” WSJ reported.

In Louisiana, Cruz and Trump each won 18 delegates. However, Cruz may now be able to gain 10 more delegates because there are five unbound delegates who can vote for whichever candidate they want.”

As you can see he is clearly trying to subvert the will of the people by having his delegates pick the next President.  

Numerous articles have been written about the GOP establishment wanting a contested convention to stop Donald Trump.  Yet Cruz and his supporter’s claim he’s an outsider.  If he truly were an outsider and cared about our country, why would he side with the establishment? Or try to win, by stacking the convention with his delegates, in an attempt to override the will of the people. Is that the kind of man you want to lead our country?