Ted Cruz Obfuscates Extra Marital Affairs and Blames Donald Trump for National Enquirer Story


Yesterday the National Enquirer published an article claiming Senator Ted Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. – Full Back Story Here – The leading hashtag on Twitter today is #CruzSexScandal.  Apparently the story was also briefly discussed on CNN.

Today Senator Ted Cruz obfuscated the scurrilous claims and strangely blamed Donald Trump for the story. Senator Cruz took to Facebook with a post about the National Enquirer story:



Cruz also discussed the controversy in a press conference:

There is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump had anything to do with the National Enquirer story.   Quite the opposite is only common sense.

Factually, given the logistics of a print media publication, the story was being presented by the National Enquirer long before a pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC began the most recent series of attacks by targeting Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania.

In addition, as previously shared, all of the original people who were discussing the sexual affairs back in February and March – appeared to be Marco Rubio supporters.

As the origination of the story is told, it was pro-Cruz media company owners and content editors who refused to present the story; that’s probably how and why the story made its way to the tabloid press.