Minnesota District Restores Prayer to Public School — But Only for Muslim Students


Buried deep in a PBS article about how the St. Cloud, Minn., school district is accommodating a large Somali population was a telling example of religious bias. While public schools have appropriately been barred from leading students in corporate Christian prayer, this district is going out of its way to satisfy the desires of the Muslim community.

“In the district’s middle and high schools,” the report stated, “Muslim students have access to private rooms with prayer rugs for the five daily prayers.”

Furthermore, Muslim kids will have access to special lunchroom menus and other faith-based perks not extended to students of other faiths.


First reported by The Extract  

  • redware

    Every day five times during the day Christian students should meet somewhere in their schools to conduct a short prayer service. At the first imposition of any punishment for it the students,along with their parents, should file a class action suit against the school district and appropriate personnel for violations of their First Amendment rights.

  • Cherisaann

    The article clearly states the room is open to all students who want to pray. All students can eat pork free meals. During lent most school districts offer fish entrees for lunch. All students are allowed to pray before meals, tests etc. Christian holidays are observed in the school calendar- Christmas eve and day off etc. And also, only one of the 5 times Muslims pray occur during school hours.