The Federal Reserve Will Play A Role In The Election

John Cruedele of The New York Post writes:

“Like it or not, the Federal Reserve will play a big role in this year’s presidential election. The Fed last week pulled back on its economic outlook for 2016 and beyond. In its view (which I share), the US is condemned to a mediocre expansion — or worse — for the foreseeable future.

Because of that, the Fed said it would raise interest rates only twice this year and not the four times it had originally planned.

The upcoming election and, especially, the surprising strength of Donald Trump also make it almost impossible for the Fed to boost rates. If Trump gets elected, the Fed will almost immediately be hit by audits that will reveal lots of secret, sinister things.

So Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her fellow central bankers can’t do anything — like raise the cost of money — that might slow the economy down and give Trump a better shot at winning the presidency.”

WAIT WHAT stop right there. Isn’t the Fed supposed to be independent of politics? There you have it apparently not. And what economy are they talking about our economy isn’t healthy, the GDP figures are revised down routinely.  

We Trump supporters may be ‘low info‘, but we feel the economic pain that their policies have wrought. Main Street hasn’t been doing so well. Our middle class has been shrinking and so has their income. Wall Street and the elitists on the other hand have been the beneficiary of the Fed’s largess.  Yes the Fed will be an issue.

Ted Cruz claimed to be for the Audit the Fed bill, but he didn’t show up for the vote. The Federal Reserve of Goldman Sachs as it’s known by some, appreciates that.  Make no mistake Clinton and Cruz are Goldman Sachs Candidates. Ted Cruz’s campaign just refused to reply with a request from the FEC on his previously undisclosed loans. One can only imagine what favors will be owed by Cruz or Clinton since Goldman Sachs is under investigation. A vote for Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton is a vote for Wall Street. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Main Street.

“I’m owned by the people!” … “I mean, I’m telling you, I’m no angel, but I’m gonna do right by them!” –

Donald J. Trump