Donald Trump: My policy is America first

Presidential front-runner Donald Trump weighs in on a variety of issues. He talks about trade, the attacks in Brussels, the ongoing wives photo controversy between Senator Cruz and himself.  He discusses the expenses of NATO  that are dis-proportionally borne by the United States.

‘My policy is “America First.” It will always be “America First”


In an interview published by the NY Times over the weekend Donald Trump said:

“that he sees ‘America First’ as an encapsulation of his view that the U.S. and its deep pockets have been taken for granted by its allies.”

‘America first, yes, we will not be ripped off anymore,’ he told the Times. ‘We’re going to be friendly with everybody, but we’re not going to be taken advantage of by anybody.’

Trump said Monday on the ‘Fox & Friends’ program that he’s grown weary of seeing the United States bear a disproportionately large financial burden to keep international alliances afloat at a time when rapidly changing geopolitics has made much of their combined missions seem antiquated.

‘NATO is obsolete,’ Trump said, referring to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a European mutual-defense coalition designed nearly 70 years ago to hedge against military threats from the Soviet Union.

‘We’re spending too much money on NATO. We’re paying the lion’s share. We’re spending tremendous amounts of money on something that was many, many decades ago, and the world has changed. It’s a different place,’ he explained.

‘There’s no emphasis on terror with NATO. And frankly, if there is you need different countries, because it involves different countries. NATO is very obsolete.’

The United States funded 72 per cent of NATO’s defense spending in 2015, a level of support that has long rankled a variety of Republicans including both isolationists and budget hawks.

Trump also bashed the White House’s continued insistence that America should absorb increasing numbers of Syrian refugees despite the Obama administration’s own admissions that it can’t effectively screen out ISIS terrorists and other militant jihadis.

‘We’re losing our jobs, we’re losing everything. But in terms of security, this open door policy is catastrophic,’ Trump said.

‘And it’s going to lead – I mean, you talk about downfall? This could lead to the downfall of the greatest nation on earth.’