Ted Cruz Caught Blatantly Lying On Fox News Sunday

Senator Ted Cruz has been called Lyin’ Ted Cruz, by his campaign opponents due to the frequency of his telling outright lies.   The frequency of falsehood is so excessive Politifact actually did a story about 90 random Cruz assertions which were checked and only 6% of his statements are actually TRUE, only 16% had SOME TRUTH.

Yesterday Senator Cruz appeared on Fox News Sunday (full video here) and was caught in several more lies to add to his abysmal record.

One of the more egregious claims was when Cruz stated he immediately denounced the Melania Trump attack ads (mailers in Utah) put forth by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC.  No such denouncement, prior to the Utah election, ever took place.

Originally posted at The Conservative Treehouse

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As an added bonus see for yourself how Ted lies and lies and lies.