Trump: Cruz Campaign Bought Rights to Photo of Melania

Donald Trump took to the airwaves today to denounce Ted Cruz for having started the fray involving the candidates wives, Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz. The Republican presidential front-runner said:

“From what I hear, he and his campaign went out and bought the cover shoot.”

“Trump said Cruz knew about the ad, adding he started the latest fight between the two.”

Cruz has denied knowing anything about the ad, and called it deplorable on Sunday.

But Trump said the super PAC that produced the ad is “very friendly to Ted Cruz.”

“He knew all about it, 100 percent,” he said.

“There’s no way in a million years that super PAC did that without his absolute knowledge.”

Breitbart notes that it was a pro-Cruz Super-PAC that ran the ad. I have heard this myself in the Blogosphere and social media, with most people speculating that it was purchased or approved for purchase by Ted Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe. Given Jeff Roe’s long history of running dirty campaigns I would not be surprised. If someone from Ted Cruz’s campaign is involved, that would be a violation of the FEC rules. Not that Senator Cruz takes those rules very seriously.

There are legal uses for a copyrighted picture online if it falls under the fair use section. However, a PAC is a professional operation and there is no fair use for professional use. It would not be legal for a Super-PAC to use it in an ad where money is paid for advertising or for donations. That would be why they had to buy the license to the copyrighted photos. The ad’s aired on TV.

I believe Mr. Trump and his wife are proud of her modeling career the issue is the disparaging manner in which the ad was presented. Mr. and Mrs. Trump also have a young son who may not have been aware. He is pretty young to understand it is common for models and TV stars to pose like she did years ago.

It should also be noted that Donald Trump defended Ted Cruz when his children were depicted as monkey’s. Ted Cruz did not denounce the ad run by the pro Cruz Super-PAC. It makes you wonder why Ted Cruz gets a pass, but Mr. Trump is denounced for re-tweeting a side by side photo of his wife and Heidi Cruz.  

For the record the story about Ted Cruz’s Sex Scandal has been reported to having been leaked by the Rubio campaign, but Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump. Surprisingly, or maybe not given the Bush connection to the pro Cruz Super-Pac, Geraldo Rivera is one of the few coming to the defense of Donald Trump.