Greta Van Susteren : In My Wildest Dreams I Don’t See How a Jury Convicts Lewandowski – Video



Greta Van Susteren and her “On the Record” panel discussed the battery charges against Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski today by a Florida court.

Greta started the segment by playing Donald Trump’s presser with reporters today on the Michelle Fields hoax.
Trump told reporters,

“I’m not going to let a person’s life be destroyed over somebody that we have on tape. And you just take a look at what people are saying when they see that incident on tape. And no jury, in my opinion, no jury would convict a man and destroy a man over what you had here.”

Tonight former homicide detective Ted Williams and former prosecutor Katie Phang joined Greta to discuss the case.

Greta and her guests all agreed there is no way they can win this case in court and the only reason Corey was charged was because he is associated with Donald Trump. Greta said,

“In my wildest dreams I don’t see how a jury ever convicts on this with all the ambiguity. In fact, it looks like two Secret Service who were protecting Donald Trump are reaching for her. I don’t know whether or not that is what is provoking the bruises or not. That’s the problem. Here’s your reasonable doubt right there.”


First reported by The Gateway Pundit 

  • STill watching tape and waiting to see her go down. Just didn’t happen. She looks to be pushing her way to get Trumps attention. Sorry but nothing to see here.