Hannity and Judge Napolitano on Lewandowski Video : Zero Evidence of Intentional Harm


Judge Andrew Napolitano and Sean Hannity discussed the Michelle Fields hoax assault video tonight on Hannity.
They both agreed that nothing happened.


Judge Napolitano told Sean,

“No judge would allow this case to be prosecuted in his or her court on the basis of the evidence that we have seen. There is zero evidence that this was an intentional attempt to harm her and that’s the definition of a battery… I’m sure that the isolation of Corey Lewandowski is being done by people that want to divert from Donald Trump’s message, whether you agree with it or not. This is not a criminal event.”

Hannity said he watched the video 100 times and still didn’t see anything.

“Her boyfriend wrote me last night. I always liked Michelle. I don’t have anything against her. I said to him, I watched it 100 times. All’s I saw was an arm go in. Come on!”


First reported by The Gateway Pundit