Something is Afoot : Cruz Camp Whistleblower Exposes Evil Campaign Tactics


Cruz camp insider washes his hands from the dirtiest campaign in his entire political career. The underhanded tactics are out of control. Listen to Bill Still’s report on the Cruz ‘cult like’ campaign and those who are involved from an insider who is now coming clean.

Published on Mar 30, 2016
By Bill Still

With Heidi Cruz missing in action, a significant Cruz insider – let’s call him John Doe – started cleansing his spirit of what apparently is a more evil Cruz campaign than most of us imagined.

At the outset, we are convinced that John Doe is legit. We have seen his employment letter on Cruz campaign stationary. He makes north of $3500 per week.
When this is all over, it is John Doe the nation has to thank for being brave enough to come forward. Right now, the only thing that concerns him is that he doesn’t want to get a reputation for being a whistleblower.

He stresses that he has been in this business for over 20 years and this is the first campaign that was so dirty that he just has to spill the beans on them.
John has been tweeting under the handle Stop Ted Cruz for several weeks now. He tweeted to Ann Coulter on Feb. 11:
[Tweet Feb 11] “I used to work for Ted Cruz and now look at my Twitter handle the guy is a huge liar.”
Then John Doe offers proof of his employment as communications director:
[Tweet, Feb. 12]
“…follow for DM of proof that I worked on campaign as comm director.

But let’s now jump up to March 10. John claims that the night of the Iowa caucus, the operation against Ben Carson was not accidental and not put together on the fly. It had been thoroughly planned out starting two weeks before. It was:
[Tweet, March 10 ]
“…a plan that was hatched on January 15th for the record.”

Trump supporter Melanie Lauren tweeted back:
[ March 10]
“What, the robo calls were planned on Jan. 15th?”

John Doe responded:
[Tweet, March 10]
“…the plan for caucus night was made 2 weeks prior.”

Then my wife tweeted out:
“…I believe it is was too well coordinated to have been on the spot”

Next Melanie Lauren asked:
“What was he like in person, day to day?”

John Doe responded:

“…he just panders to whoever he is talkingto after a while it wears thin and many staffers quit. Lookup Don Fairly (my friend)”

That was the last we heard from John Doe. No one knew if he was for real, or just some internet troll trying to plant confusion. Then suddenly, after nearly a 6 week absence, on March 26, John Doe reappeared.

“Since a few people have asked the other campaigns I’ve worked on: GW Bush, Rick Scott, Rubio (senate), Nikki Haley, Santorum ’12, Tom Cotton”
[Tweet, Mar. 28]
“The strategyby the Cruz Campaign is pretty obvious: trying to bring Trump down has failed so now let’s bring down his staff and family.”

Then, this disturbing tweet on March 28:
“They are setting Trump up for a red wedding style betrayal we need to be in Cleveland ready.”
The Red Wedding is apparently a reference to an episode in “Game of Thrones”.
The meaning is that they intend to take Trump down in some nefarious way at the convention in Cleveland.

John Doe then tweeted:
[March 29]
“The cruz camp wouldn’t expect defectors like me because the campaign is run similarly to Jones Town”.

As he explained to us personally, even though Cruz is lying constantly and doing all sorts of dirty deeds, the staff is told that only he – Cruz – is a true conservative and since the ends are noble – namely Cruz becoming the President – then any means can be excused. The staff knows this is wrong, but they are afraid to question it.

We also talked to John Doe over a private connection. He talked about what led him to quit the Cruz campaign. He explained that it was over this very complex plan hatched by none other than Amanda Carpenter – a former Cruzer, who had been hired by CNN.

Carpenter rolled out the idea on or about Jan. 15, 2016 – 17 days before the Caucus. The plan was able to manipulate Carson out of delegates that should have voted for him and sent them mostly to Cruz.
“The basic story is I have worked on republican campaigns since I graduated from ….. 24 years ago. Not once have I quit a campaign even when I had disagreements with strategy, language, anything really.”

“I had to quit the Cruz campaign after in Mid January I was flown from South Carolina to Iowa for the home stretch before the Iowa Caucus.”

“Once in Iowa I was instructed to make calls and monitor other volunteers making calls – hundreds of calls a day. Lying about Trump as well as Senator Rubio.”

“I bit my tongue at first knowing it was wrong. Then 2 weeks prior to the Iowa Caucus myself and a few other Cruz top campaign aids were in a room and we received the results of our internal poll.”

“Trump was leading Cruz second and Ben Carson 3rd with a shockingly high amount of support – meaning much more support than what CNN/Fox had him at.”

“The kicker was that a majority of Carson supporters had Cruz as their second choice.”

“At that time the plan to tell people Ben Carson was dropping out of the race on caucus day was hatched. Coordinated with former Cruz Op Amanda Carpenter at CNN. Actually, this operation was her idea initially.  I strongly opposed this, but they decided they were going to do it anyways so I quit January 18th.”

My wife, Beth responded:
“Wow, not surprised at all – he always did seem slimy to us and I have always said it was more like a cult.”

“You mentioned that it seemed like Jonestown. In what way?“

John Doe: “Just in the way that almost everyone knew the Ben Carson thing was coming. Everyone knew it was wrong but no one said anything because Cruz has them all convinced he is some conservative God and anything he suggests is for the betterment of society.”

Beth Still:
“My husband wants to know if he can use this information and should he say from a reliable source, or characterize it in another way, or if not we certainly understand.”

“Yes you can use the info just don’t want it getting back to me. I’m actually off to …. next week to start working as …. for [another campaign].”

“Call me a Cruz operative with 24 years of political experience. You can use the picture of my offer letter from the campaign just blur out the name ….”

And finally, we asked John Doe if there was anything to the allegations in the National Enquirer about Cruz having mistresses.
“It’s 100% true that he has affairs. All top-level staffers got an email directly from Heidi Cruz saying that she knew about it and it was ok, and for us to not concern ourselves with it.”

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.- Bill Still

First reported by Dianne Marshall at The Marshall Report 

  • LaRae Bailey

    No surprise there

  • susandanielspi

    The coward should come out of the closet. If what he says is true, he should have the courage to show himself. Otherwise, I think he is Roger Stone.

    • charliemoore

      Grow up. Cruz is a sleaze and lots of people have already figured that out. He’s no more a coward than you are a simpleton for believing in a liar.

  • SandyT

    Cruz has been lying from the very beginning. He is NOT a constitutionally eligible “natural born citizen”. One MUST be born IN the U.S. to two citizen parents, owing allegiance to no other nation, and no other nation that could claim him/her as a citizen or claim any kind of sovereignty over or demand loyalty from him/her. Since Cruz was admittedly a citizen of Canada until he renounced that citizenship in May 2014, he WAS BORN with dual citizenship. No one can become a “natural born citizen” retroactively. No one can be born in another country, even to two citizen parents, and be a natural born citizen of the U.S. His mother was a citizen, but his father was not a citizen until 2005. Obama could have been born in the White House and still wouldn’t be constitutionally eligible, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. Rubio and Jindal were both born in the U.S. but none of their respective parents were citizens at the time their sons were born. NONE of them are constitutionally eligible to be president or vice president. The Constitution is more important that any party or any candidate’s political ambition. They are ALL “citizens” because of legislation. They are NOT “natural born citizens”, by NATURE’S law.

    • Iamacitizen2

      Before Cruz was born in 1970 and a Certified Canadian Birth Certificate was issued and signed by his 100% Canadian parents (because Ted’s parents registered to vote, took an oath and voted before Ted’s birth in Canada) Ted Cruz became a 100% Canadian citizen. Canada did NOT have dual citizenship and when he gave up renounced his Canadian Citizenship in May 2014 he is now a “MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY”. Also, he CANNOT be a natural born citizen of TWO Countries at the same time.

      • SandyT

        I KNOW Cruz is not a “natural born citizen” and not eligible to be president or vice-president. There has been no proof that Cruz’ parents were both registered voters, so until such time as proof is presented, I will concede that Cruz COULD be a naturalized U.S. citizen on the basis that his mother was still a U.S. citizen. I’m not worried about whether he is constitutionally eligible to be a Senator. My concern is his lack of eligibility for the presidency, so what I KNOW is that, no matter what, he is NOT a natural born citizen and he’s NOT eligible for that office.
        Just because Canada did not “recognize” dual citizenship at the time Ted was born, does not mean that his mother was forced to renounce her U.S. citizenship to become a naturalized citizen there. They may not have “recognized” dual citizenship, but it was not against their law for her to hold dual citizenship. I saw a document that was said to be a list of registered voters, but it looked more like something a person canvassing a neighborhood for “potential voters”, “people of age to vote”. It was also dated 1974. That, to me, is not proof that they were citizens of Canada or that they voted. All of the timelines that I have seen had them moving to Canada in 1966 (4 years before Ted was born) and then living there for another 4 years before coming back the the States. She may not have lived in Canada long enough to be eligible to become a citizen there, prior to Ted’s birth. As long as she was still a U.S. citizen at the time he was BORN, he would still qualify for U.S. citizenship (naturalized) under OUR laws. He MAY be a “citizen”, but he is definitely NOT a “natural born citizen”.

        • Iamacitizen2

          here is a website with tons of in re cruz from an attorney, law professor, and a write-in Presidential candidate who has filed a lawsuit in nine (9) states. He also has endorsed Mr. Trump

          The North American Law Center has stated: Ted Cruz is a “man without a country” because he has a certified Canadian Birth Certificate but he renounced his Canadian citizenship in May 2014. Canada did not allow DUAL CITIZENSHIP when his parents became 100% Canadians prior to Ted’s birth. They also said: it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a “natural born citizen of TWO country’s simultaneously” (in other words born in two country’s at the same time LOLOL). Go figure. So now Ted Cruz “is a man without a country” AND in my opinion is sitting in the Senate “ILLEGALLY”…plus he is ILLEGALLY voting on Bill’s etc etc etc One would think that would tarnish any Bill he votes on…

    • Iamacitizen2

      maybe this link will add some additional clarity to this issue and it does include copies of documents (i.e. copies of voting registry with their names, pics, etc.:

      I am sorry I forgot to include this link before. I hope it helps shed some light on this subject.

      • SandyT

        Very interesting information. I knew much of it, but there was also much of it that I had not heard before. Thanks for the link. “Lyin’ Ted” must be exposed for the fraud that he is, before he has any possibility of achieving the WH!
        The only thing someone else in a FB group I belong to mentioned the possibility of, was that Ted “might” have become a “naturalized citizen” during the Reagan administration when illegals were being given amnesty. That was about the same time as Ted needed a U.S. passport to go on a school trip. What do you think about that angle? Could he have become a citizen then? If so, then he would have legally met the “9 years a citizen” requirement to be a Senator.

    • Iamacitizen2

      this is an interesting read regarding cruz’s father yikes!!!

  • Iamacitizen2

    This report is pretty clear and simple to understand regarding Cruz “man without a country” as well as doc’s from the American Law Center into.