Trump Battles GOP Establishment Dirty Tricks

In Wisconsin today, Donald Trump warned ‘the establishment is trying to take it all away from us’ by lining up behind Ted Cruz.

APPLETON, Wisconsin — Donald Trump battled the Establishment’s dirty delegate tricks in front of a packed ballroom of about a thousand people in Appleton Wednesday.

With less than a week to go until the Wisconsin primary, Trump came out swinging — against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) , against the Establishment lining up behind Cruz in order to keep Trump below 1,237 delegates so they can broker it in Cleveland, and against Cruz’s supporter Governor Scott Walker.

“The Establishment is trying to take it all away from us, folks. They’re trying so hard,” he said, noting the fact that he won Louisiana but still ended up with less delegates there than Cruz. The crowd booed.

“You tell me. This is a straight system folks? It’s terrible. It’s terrible.”

“Cruz doesn’t have it. He will never be good at what he does,” Trump railed. “He lies so much. It’s really disgraceful, folks. He doesn’t have the temperament to be president. He doesn’t have the talent to be president. There would be turmoil all over the place.”

“I’m a better person than these people I’m running against, believe me.”

Trump focused on his main selling point in the Midwest: Bad trade deals negotiated on America’s behalf by globalists, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Cruz helped to pass.

“You think NAFTA was bad? TPP is worse. Jobs are going to be drained out of Wisconsin,” Trump said.

“We spend money on everybody but ourselves. We take care of everybody but ourselves. They’re draining it out of Wisconsin” he said.”

It would be hard to argue with Donald Trump’s logic. The politicians on both sides have been selling out Americans for their globalist backers for years. The trade agreements they make with countries like China isn’t fair trade. Thirty years of unfair free trade has left us with a 400% trade deficit with China.

Do you really want a country where only the elites share the gain and the rest share the pain? That is where we are heading and in the process we are enabling China to build up it’s military.

The Bush’s are globalists and they have lined up behind Ted Cruz. The first President Bush famously called for a New World Order. Romney has lined up behind Ted Cruz. When Romney was running he said it would be ‘A Mistake For Conventions To Choose the Nominee‘.  Now he and the others are trying to make that happen for Ted. They are desperate to retain power and a contested convention is the only real shot Ted Cruz has. Even though Ted claimed he was against this now that is the route he and his establishment backers are trying to take.

There’s a reason Senator Sessions endorsed Donald Trump folks a very good reason. He knows Donald Trump will put Americans First.