Concerned About Cruz? If Not, You Should Be

A pro-Trump Super-Pac that is NOT affiliated with the Trump campaign just released this ad.

“The ad is being run by the Great America PAC, formed by former Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer and businessman Bill Doddridge.

In the 30-second ad, a mother helping her kids get ready, says: “Sure I get some grief when I say I’m voting for Donald Trump. But you know what, I want to protect my family. Paris, San Bernardino, and now Brussels — I want a president that will keep us safe. We need to control our borders and stop letting in dangerous people. Trump will do that.”


I would suggest if you are not concerned about the possibility of Ted Cruz winning the nomination you haven’t been paying attention.

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  • SteveBronson

    Trump criticized Romney for being too tough on illegal immigration. I don’t believe a word Trump says, because he’s on both sides of every issue under the sun.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump
      • SteveBronson

        No, I’m thinking of liberal Trump himself. You know, the guy who thinks Hillary is a wonderful woman. They’re such good friends he funded her campaign when she ran for the senate seat in New York. Then there’s the fact he supported Obama during the early years of Obama’s presidency. Trump loves government run health care. Trump loves using the power of government for his own private interests. Trump is no conservative, Trump is a liberal pretending to be a conservative.

        • nobaddog

          i give up. be stupid. you will see what happens.

          • SteveBronson

            Everything I said is true. And yes, we will see what happens when the most unpopular candidate in modern times gets crushed in the November election (assuming he’s the nominee, which is still undetermined).

    • nobaddog

      thats the most untrue thing ive read today. your spending to much time watching cable news channels. get your news elsewhere and verify it so you dont get misled. be informed or be a slave.

      • SteveBronson

        You don’t believe Trump was critical of Romney for being too tough on illegal immigrants? If you’re not aware of that, you’re a typically ill-informed Trump supporter.

        • nobaddog

          Times have changed and even myself has changed my opinion. We will be overrun by 3rd world savages and they wont be so kind to us as we are to them.
          We all say things we regret. Im willing to take a chance on Trump. Cruz is more of the same. All of these creep Politicians are out for themselves and we will all become their slaves.
          Is that the only reason you dont like Trump? Cruz has said more detrimental things.
          Maybe the US deserves another 8 years of the uni-party. All the same. At least they hate Trump along with the chamber of commerce who push the trade deals. There afraid of what he will do to the uni-party apparatus. The GOP has given Obama everything he asked for so what the hell. Like they say anyone but Trump. So i choose Trump.

          • SteveBronson

            You’re wishin’ and hopin’ that Trump will change things, but he can’t change things if he doesn’t win. And he can’t win, because he’s the least popular presidential candidate (among the entire voting public) in decades. He will be crushed in November, and all the things you’re hoping he will do won’t happen.

            It would have been better to nominate someone who could actually win, and at least make some changes. But no, the most despised presidential candidate in decades had to come along and suck up all the oxygen in the Republican primaries. It won’t be just Trump who will lose, he’ll take down the Republican congress with him. And after that, the Supreme Court.

          • nobaddog

            So of the bunch we have to choose from, Trump has the largest crowds. Does that mean Cruz is that much more unpopular than Trump? We need to break up this club we have in D.C. Thats what got J.F.K. a bullet to the head. Secret societies as he called them. Not to often someone like Trump comes along.
            I would do better for the country than the last 20 years of presidents. Nothing wrong with saying “me first”. If you take my money you do as i say. Clinton sold us out to China, well he started it.

      • barbarafromnyc

        Cable news shows the videos of Trump being asked questions and his answers to those questions.

    • barbarafromnyc

      Actually, he’s on all sides of the issues –

      • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

        Ted Cruz is on whatever side the political winds are blowing.

        • SteveBronson

          Actually, you just described Trump.

  • Amberteka

    A video of Donald Trump, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1989 has discussing issues of the Day. Trump is talking about the dangers of illegal Immigration, Bad Trade Deals ( NAFTA which was being debated at the time and which Heidi Cruz helped write. She worked for Condi Rice who supervised the :North American Project. The Paper on North American Union which included Open Borders was written by Heidi Cruz. That is a fact. Ted Cruz worked for George Bush in his Trade Office. To this day, Ted Cruz supports trade deals that have destroyed the manufacturing base of the USA, created some Billionaires and leveled the USA Middle Class. Ted Cruz voted to have NO Senate Discussion of the Trans Pacific trade Deal when he backed FAST tract for Obama.
    If you want your job outsourced………Vote Cruz. Cruz is not a conservative. He is a globalist who wants to surrender the sovereign status of the USA to a Corporate Owned World Trade organization. Major Player George Soros. research Soros and Monsanto.

    Ted Cruz and Glen Beck went to the border in 2014 when children (up to the age of 18 and they gave their proof of one checked.).when they flooded the USA Border, bringing diseases with them. Over 500 kids died from the mystery disease tracked to Nicaragua & El Salvador. ( Cheryl Atkinson did a great expose on that hit on USA kids) Cruz and Beck handed out gift baskets to the Illegals crossing the border.
    that is Fact. Easily researched.
    The Woman, Michelle Fields, whom Trump Haters, Cruz Train, National Review, Fox , all of the Media have tried to push to destroy Trump and his staff……..Michelle Fields charged African American War Hero Col. Allen West with sexually assaulting her. She probably caused him to lose a House seat. She charged NYC police with assaulting her. Video proved..Not So. She charged Leonardo DiCaprio with grabbing her shoulder and manhandling her. Never charged. Paid off to avoid bad press??????. Michelle Fields charged Students for Liberty with assaulting her. Michelle Fields charged Corey L with using his teeth. His Feet. His hands to grab her and try to drag her to the ground. Videos ( especially the one on YouTube by Sundance) prove….He never touched her. YET the Cruz Team and Media keep insisting Trump apologize even when they admit….The Woman lied. Corey never bit her. Never twisted her arm. Never grabbed her arm. Never touched her. Never spoke to her.
    Cruz has hurt himself by doing all of these things.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Thank you for the reply. This article has info on the NAU and Heidi’s CFR connection.
      Trump Campaign Spox Spills the Beans on Heidi Cruz (VIDEO)

    • barbarafromnyc

      Latest saying on Trump: Question: Which side is Trump on? Ans. All sides. Doesn’t matter what the issue is – he changes sides daily. Cruz: What you’ve written is true. Kasich: Doesn’t have a chance at winning the nomination and he recently took $202,700 from Soros then, he took another $700K.
      My choice was Scott Walker – I love what he did in his state to get the unions out of people’s pockets and he’s done a great job in his state. He’s not running anymore.
      I don’t know which one of the three remaining candidates to vote for – all have flaws. But, its very hard for me to get behind Trump – because he changes his positions on the issues virtually every day, attacks women over and over, and because he’s turned off congress which is who he has to work with should he win the nomination/election. And most importantly he reverts to his liberal self repeatedly plus it appears he can’t beat Hillary.
      As to Corey – I’ve seen the quotes of who said what – the man did grab her arm, she never said she was brought to the floor, she said she felt like she was going to be taken down. And Corey lied about never touching her – the video shows it. Only thing that was necessary was for the man to apologize for bruising her arm and he could easily add that it’s his job to keep people away from Trump – that would have been the end of it. Trump’s record with Megyn Kelly alone makes me not want to see him in the White House. He’s been hanging around models all his adult life – the reason he bought the Miss America Pageant was so he could shop there – for one night stands to wives. His opinion of women is low. Michelle Fields is no longer the issue – what did or didn’t happen is overtaken by Trump’s mouth.

  • Admitting to a negative is a STUPID way to start this commercial. Edit your ad, be positive, PERIOD. Who’s side are you on?