MEDIA LIES: The Real Wisconsin Poll Numbers

Via You Tube.  After looking at the polls being reported in main stream media, it is clear they are not only manipulating the poll numbers they are also lying to the American public about the actual support of Donald Trump. The site has an interactive online poll which reports per Congressional District for all of the country’s states.

It is staggering the difference between reports on television news which has polls reflecting approximately 500-2500 people and this site with over 54,000 people who have participated online so far.

For the interactive map click here:

I suspect given the above, Donald Trump’s support is much greater than reported by the main stream media.

In addition, a new poll was released today by the American Research Group Wisconsin primary results (Trump is +10 points over Cruz)

Likely Republican Primary Voters Apr 1-3 Cruz 32% Kasich 23% Trump 42% Other * Undecided 3%

And HuffPoo tracks 24 polls from 12 pollsters in Wisconsin and they also show Donald Trump with the lead.


  • MPAcosta

    The RNC is rigging the delegates in Wisconsin and Tennesssee, putting in people who don’t like Trump. Time to Write the RNC a postcard, addressed to SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE, PAUL RYAN, 1233 LONGWORTH HOB, WASHINGTON, DC 20515…on the flip side, NO TRUMP, NO VOTE!! I added & stop rigging the delegates! We need a million postcards dropped on them weekly. We pull our votes to Trump in a 3rd party, and we can stop all money and remove our names from the GOP rolls. Without us, they have zip!

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      MP do you know if that is an organized movement? I would like to do a post on it but I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. Thanks

  • Benny James

    If Trump Rolls into Cleveland with 1,400 Delegates, there is not a DAMN thing the RNC/Rinsed Pubis/Repukes can do to STOP US, the American People!! If they try ANYTHING, we will Physically Drag them out onto the street and take care of them!!
    Trump/Sessions 2016

  • Janet Sterling Elliott

    I love this tool for watching the numbers. It will be useful for California too…

  • fireism

    I am still not committed, but if Trump takes WI by a large margin compared to what the MSM has been reporting then we know for sure the fix is in. According to this Trump should win by a large margin. I would love to see Trump take over 50%, if that is the case the MSM heads will explode and that would be the best outcome I could ever wish for.

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